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  1. 80
    The stylus controls might still need some work but the core idea is sound, with accuracy and precision that previous Star Fox games - and air combat titles in general - just never offered before.
  2. The Star Fox fighter squadron returns in this solid flight combat game, which distinguishes itself with its strategic elements and well-designed touch-screen controls.
  3. Game Informer
    Star Fox Command isn't the second coming, but it is a great start to repairing a franchise that had crashed and burned. [Oct. 2006, p.113]
  4. It stays true to its roots by delivering an engaging combat and multiplayer experience and add some much needed depth in the form of strategic maps.
  5. Star Fox: Command's strategic elements bog down its exciting flying levels, but it looks great, and multiplayer is thankfully free of turn-based antics.
  6. 80
    Star Fox Command isn't a return to the glory days or a flawless project that redefines the series, but it's a solid and interesting title that takes on new ideas and comes up with something entirely worthwhile.
  7. Placed in the context of the Star Fox series, however, it is profoundly disappointing. It lacks Lylat Wars' balleticism, subtle difficulty curve and queer beauty, and its dialogue and plot really are extraordinarily bad.
  8. Even if the campaign is too easy, too frustrating, and too obtuse, the turn-based strategy element, Arwing-focused combat, ranked multiplayer and single cartridge Ad-Hoc matches are all awesome features, making this a fox worth mounting on your wall.
  9. 85
    The fast-paced Star Fox action, easy controls, and the fun multiplayer portions definitely outweigh the bad.
  10. Games Master UK
    Looks like a return to form for Fox - strategy and top flying action meshed brilliantly. [Oct 2006, p.63]
  11. 70
    Where the developers really missed the boat was in multiplayer. The standard combat arenas are all well and good, but that's pretty much all there is.
  12. Wi-Fi battles are there, but you're more likely to hang around this furry crew for its intense, tactical battlefields.
  13. games(TM)
    It’s intuitive to the extent that you’ll quickly stop looking at the touch screen and instead play from instinct. It feels perfect. [Oct 2006, p.114]
  14. The game looks and runs great, controls wonderfully and is a perfect example of gaming done right on the DS.
  15. Edge Magazine
    Ultimately, the tiny, intricate design just doesn't give Command enough elbow room to develop true depth or challenge, but it's thoroughly satisfying all the same, and a worthy side-show to the Star Fox circus. [Oct 2006, p.87]
  16. Aside from a rather light multiplayer component, Star Fox Command has few flaws and is a must-have for DS owners.
  17. 80
    The sole fact that Star Fox Command is entirely about dogfighting is enough to make fans of the series rejoice. The action is intense; single-player is packed with replay; and the controls will quickly grow on you like a tick on a dog.
  18. Star Fox Command is by no means a complete mess, but there's just nothing that compelling about it. Tellingly, I just couldn't help thinking that I'd rather be playing a conversion of the N64 game and forgetting about all this strategy nonsense.
  19. It never completely captures the intensity or fun of previous Starfox titles and the strategy elements don’t offer enough depth to completely make up for it.
  20. Play Magazine
    It was only a matter of time before Star Fox found its way onto the DS. Instead of being a remixed version of a classic Star Fox(the N64 version springs to mind), Star Fox Command is an original effort offering up some interesting new ideas as well as classic McCloud shooting action. [Oct. 2006, p.67]
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    The stylus controls are fine and everything works as it should. But there is a certain lack of charisma - that extra something that makes a good game great. [Feb 2007]
  22. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    On the whole, Command's an average shooter buoyed by some commendable bursts of innovation. [Oct. 2006, p.117]
  23. I hope that Nintendo sees the error of its ways soon and pulls Fox & Co. out of this interminable nosedive.
  24. The mandatory touch screen controls for Command actually work very well.
  25. 90
    Combined with the fun dogfighting and smart stylus control, this is better action than we deserve in a portable.
  26. But it’s nice to see that Nintendo is at least vaguely on track with this series – maybe we’ll get a traditional entry next, and maybe this time they’ll let us configure the controls.
  27. Nintendo Power
    The combination of classic and new elements makes it the most wholly satisfying Star Fox game yet. [Oct. 2006, p.88]
  28. The turn-based and map-scouring gameplay is a fresh take on the series, even if the timed missions aren’t nearly as epic as the battles of the previous games.
  29. 55
    As a Star Fox game, it falls well short of what it should have been.
  30. Star Fox Command is the odd game that finds itself being better in practice than theory. The distilled elements are fantastic but the inter-complexities don’t gel completely.
  31. 60
    Exploring new gameplay elements the developers have breathed life into a series that could have been lost forever. The quirks that the game suffers from are more like hiccups in the attempt to create a classic title using an entirely new gameplay mechanic, the stylus.
  32. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Star Fox Command has its frustrations but the multiplayer helps make up for these. If you can learn to accept the series' new direction, there's a decent strategy game in here somewhere. [Dec 2006, p.88]
  33. Nintendo Gamer
    Not the Star Fox we were hoping for, but one that's surprisig in pulling off the risks that it takes. [Oct 2006, p.58]
  34. Star Fox Command isn't quite a return-to-form for the series; it's best to think of it as a good few steps on the road to recovery.
  35. A strong, if slightly unremarkable, addition to the Star Fox series, Star Fox Command capably takes the shooter onto the DS, with a handful of good ideas, adequate use of the DS capabilities and a strong sense of design.
  36. Though some of its design is questionable, the game is still one of the best Star Fox branded titles in years. The varied and branching single player campaign will keep you glued to your Nintendo DS for multiple playthroughs.
  37. A lack of variety and challenge however stand in the way of this game being a resounding success.
  38. The strategy is a welcome touch with the game’s fantastic controls and nice use of the touch screen. If you want a game that makes use of most of the DS’ key features, this is the game for you.
  39. Even though the game is somewhat easy it still manages to breathe new life into the StarFox franchise and anyone with a DS would be crazy not to pick up this title and give it a go.
  40. An interesting twist on the Star Fox franchise adding strategy and touch screen controls.
  41. If you can look past the remarkably unbalanced multiplayer mode and the “put on some type of 3D glasses to fully understand the visually appalling 2D red Virtual Boy boxes” that the player must fly through in order to complete every other mission, the Star Fox Command will bring a smile to your face.
  42. Star Fox Command could have benefited from a few difficulty levels, but it's still a cool shooter that shouldn't be missed.
  43. netjak
    The core game is still in there in Command, but it's buried under layers of gimmicky interfaces and an atrocious framework.
  44. Star Fox Command has great controls and introduces a strategic layer that's fairly interesting. However, the random feel of the story battles and the frantic multiplayer mode don't make the most of this game's solid foundation, which might cause nostalgic fans to long for the series' good old days.
  45. There's never been a great "Star Wars" game for a handheld system. Right now, Star Fox Command is the closest you'll get to taking a run on the Death Star.
  46. 85
    You fly in open space, which is a good thing. It gives you more freedom, but does so at a price - a time limit.
  47. Not as fun as a genuine Starfox, but it's a fair offering for his first handheld adventure.
  48. The touch-screen combat, for the most part, works well. However, once the difficulty begins to increase, flying your craft through obstacles and shooting specific targets becomes frustratingly fiddly work, as you frantically tap and flick the stylus pen.
  49. Just saying the word 'strategy' may turn off some gamers who aren't typically into that genre, but even if you're not, at least give a shot. We have a feeling many people will be pleasantly surprised.
  50. 70
    The mix of strategy and shooting works quite well, and although there isn’t enough strategy here for Advance Wars veterans, shooting enthusiasts are well catered for.
  51. While lacking in many areas, Star Fox Command is easily the best Star Fox game in years.
  52. While the gameplay is fairly easy, Starfox Command is a step back in the right direction for the franchise after the missteps during the Gamecube years.
  53. It falls in an uncomfortable category somewhere between good and average that makes it almost impossible to define. There are flashes of genius, marred by long moments of mediocrity. Excellent flight sections are needlessly maimed by an over tight timer and difficult controls.
  54. A great looking, fast paced action shooter if not for the strategy element in between but, in my opinion its always good to have something new and the maps offer a little challenge when you first play them. [JPN Import]
  55. I have a wish list of features Command should have included — more diverse enemies, cooler bosses (remember battling Andross at the end of the Super Nintendo game?), in-game wingman interaction — but Star Fox Command, with its branching story and multiple endings, takes a small step the right direction.
  56. While not without flaws, SFC most definitely brings the franchise backs to its former glory.

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  1. M.Ous
    Sep 2, 2006
    Do you like wiggling the pen to make the Arwing roll and try to control it at the same time? Do you like all-or-nothing levels where you Do you like wiggling the pen to make the Arwing roll and try to control it at the same time? Do you like all-or-nothing levels where you screw up and that's it? No health? Do you like arbitrary time limits in place of good game design? Do you like cut scene after cut scene you have to tap to skip? Did you hate the controls of the original classic? Please, someone, bring us a remake of the original Star Fox and throw the last three abominations in the garbage. Full Review »
  2. Aug 15, 2016
    The controls force you to use the touch screen, which kind of sucks. Does Nintendo not know how awkward it is to hold a DS while using theThe controls force you to use the touch screen, which kind of sucks. Does Nintendo not know how awkward it is to hold a DS while using the stylus or something? Other than that, the game is good. Just wish the controls weren't forced like they are. Full Review »
  3. Jul 13, 2016
    How to make star fox on a portable system? Well nintendo's answer is this and it's an A+ well A- cause it ain't perfect. Does have what starHow to make star fox on a portable system? Well nintendo's answer is this and it's an A+ well A- cause it ain't perfect. Does have what star fox games have. This is a good and fun game that I recommend. Full Review »