Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critics

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  1. The best Star Wars game available on the DS. [Jan 2010, p.72]
  2. 69
    The single player story is pretty good, and the action is somewhat engaging, if a bit light on replayability. The multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired though, because it's way too easy and simplistic.
  3. Elite Squadron’s big problem is its controls. The game has a couple control schemes, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t feel both clunky and inaccurate.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron is too linear in its development, and although it offers continuous action and has a good and well told story, it is not enough to make it a cult game.
  5. A quite good Star Wars game that especially scores with the great multiplayer mode.
  6. AceGamez
    Until Battlefront 3 arrives (Hopefully!), Elite Squadron will keep you happy for a while, but overall you won’t be interested for too long. A decent attempt, but it’s not what I wanted personally from a Battlefront game.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is certainly a victim of its platform’s shortcomings, but it’s also not a very good game to begin with.
  8. Nintendo Power
    The film-score-inspired soundtrack will also get the blood of any Star Wars fan flowing, even when the gameplay itself does not. [Holiday 2009, p.88]
  9. Aside from a quick rental, it's not worth it to pick up this title.
  10. Unless you're desperate for a new Star Wars story, you'll find nothing worthwhile in this shallow action game.
  11. It's a shame a series that offers as much as Battlefront does has sullied its name with a subpar release like this on a system that can't handle what the Battlefront games are all about.
  12. In Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for Nintendo DS you can switch between four classes and use different weapons, but unfortunately this doesn't change the poor combat system and the lack of a decent level design.

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#57 Most Discussed DS Game of 2009
#25 Most Shared DS Game of 2009
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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    While I think that this game is slightly better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, (I'm comparing the two because they were both made by theWhile I think that this game is slightly better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, (I'm comparing the two because they were both made by the exact same developer) I don't think that it is that much better. This game also sucks to tell you the truth. It has all of the same flaws as Ultimate Alliance 2, without the RPG elements. To start, the story of this game is once again good. It follows the story of X2, who is a clone of a Jedi Knight from the Clone Wars. The story is all about him, and a rivalry between him and his brother X1. X2 decided to go to the light side of the force at the end of the Clone Wars, while X1 went to the dark side. This really is a great story, and it is a shame that the great story could not be used on a better game. So no, the game does not fail with its good story. Where this game does fail is with the gameplay and graphics. The first problem is that this game is just copy and paste gameplay of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. In other words, the game still uses the overhead perspective, minus the RPG elements. This was a very bad decision, as it proves that this game company has learned nothing of its past mistakes. The way they made Ultimate Alliance 2 was terrible, and I mean terrible. They should just stop making games like it altogether. There are literally no real improvements towards this engine they used whatsoever. While this game does not have the RPG elements of Ultimate Alliance, that still does not prevent this game from sucking. It actually has more shooter elements, so you'll be blasting plenty of droids and Stormtroopers throughout this adventure. These multiplayer shooter elements may be what Battlefront is known for, however, they are executed very poorly when compared to the console versions of Battlefront. One problem with this game is that it is way too easy. It is literally almost impossible to die unless you try hard enough. Another real problem with the gameplay is that it is usually quite redundant. Seriously, the entire game is based around going from land, to space, to capital ship battles. This happens on every single level of this game. It does go in a different order from time to time, however, that still does not stop the feeling that everything in this game is the same. Space is always just shooting down random enemies, and surviving for as long as you can. Land is always killing enemies, and completing objectives. Capital ship battles are exactly the same as land in the story. If the story missions aren't repetitive enough, then the multiplayer is even worse! Yes, this game does have multiplayer, however, the multiplayer sucks! The maps all follow the same land, space, capital ship formula as the story, and if you can comprehend this, it is even more redundant then the actual story. Land is always trying to take over control points, capital ship is always capture the flag, and space is always shooting down a preset number of enemies. However, quite possibly the biggest problem with this game's multiplayer, is that it is nothing like the multiplayer found in the previous Battlefront games. Battlefront has always been about massive battles, this is all just 2 on 2, or even a free-for-all with four players maximum. Battlefront is supposed to be 16 on 16 or something like that. There are no free-for-alls! The graphics of this game are also terrible. They are way too pixalated, and more often then not, you will see the exact same textures used over and over. So that's my review of Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron. What do I have to say about it? Well it's slightly better than Ultimate Alliance 2, but not by much. This game still has all of the same mistakes as Ultimate Alliance, other then the RPG elements. There are no unlockables, the gameplay is redundant, and the graphics are terrible. All I can say is that this game is not even worth renting. Never buy this game. Stay as far away from it as possible. Stay away from games made by N-Space for your own good too. These guys developed both of these games, and they are both total garbage. They have also made tons of other crappy games. Just don't buy this game, and buy Star Wars Battlefront II instead. Battlefront II is a much better game then this toned down piece of crud. Full Review »
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    This game kinda reminds me of Fusion Fall but in stead with a top-down perspective, but when your fighting in a boss battle the camera getsThis game kinda reminds me of Fusion Fall but in stead with a top-down perspective, but when your fighting in a boss battle the camera gets behind you and it feels more like a Fusion Fall game! Full Review »