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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Best adventure game of 2002 comes with touch controls. Visual cuts are enormous but still the story and overall atmosphere are well worthy to try. Pixelhunting sucks! [Issue#173]
  2. By far the worst transition of the game, but still an interesting choice if you didn't play this great point and click adventure before.
  3. In the end, it's almost worth mucking through the poor touch-screen controls and occasionally convoluted progression to experience the game in portable form. Syberia is a good game that's hampered by some distracting issues caused by the transition to the DS.
  4. A very underwhelming port of the original PC title. The game would've been fine on its own, but it's plagued by sluggish controls, a broken touch interface, and multiple omissions from the original game that would only disappoint fans.
  5. Syberia is one of the greatest point-and-click adventure games of all time, but the DS version is broken at a fundamental level. Avoid this painful port and track down the PC original instead.
  6. 44
    Syberia is a gaming experience that really shouldn't be missed, just make sure you're playing on the PC where the game truly belongs.
  7. 42
    While hardcore adventure-game fans might find enough here to warrant a purchase, this game's meant for PC, and it simply works (and looks) far better on its intended platform.
  8. It is not impossible to enjoy Syberia, you'll just need a lot of patience to do so. For most people though, there comes a point where you'll watch Kate walk across a screen that she can't do anything but traverse and think to yourself "what else can I do while waiting for her?" I'd suggest playing a better game.
  9. If you’re determined to see the purchase of the Voralberg toy factory finalized, you’d be better off accompanying Kate Walker on the unabridged PC version.
  10. This DS port of the classic PC adventure game is a pale shadow of its original self.

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