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  • Summary: Tank Beat is entirely stylus-based. As you draw tracks and fire on the DS's bottom screen game map, your tank appears and responds on the top screen. Players engage in a variety of missions and commandeer a full range of tanks: from tiny scrappers, to missile carriers, to giant Panzers. The game will ship with three modes: Story, Skirmish, and Battle. In single player Story Mode, players progress through 27 levels of play and unlock various tanks as they achieve objectives. Skirmish Mode allows players to practice on any of the maps and tanks that were unlocked in Story Mode plus additional exclusive levels. Free-for-all Battle Mode pitches up to 4 players against each other in either wireless head to head action or via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. [O3 Entertainment] Expand
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  1. A powerhouse at multiplayer, a pinto at single player, if you have a group of friends or the patience to wait for the online players, this is a must have.
  2. 70
    The control scheme is impressive, the multi-player mode is entertaining and the mission structure is solid, but the visuals and audio presentation really could have used a bit of work; plus the game is simply too short.
  3. It's a cleverly designed game that could use a bit more polish.
  4. Tank Beat isn't much fun. There's very little to it, and what is there is bland, and simplistic. If there's one feat developer MileStone managed to pull off, it's how dull it managed to make the act of blowing up tanks. That might be a fascinating accomplishment, but it makes for an utter bore of a game.
  5. The game needed a lot more time in development and it never got that opportunity to mature.
  6. There is nothing in this game that represents fun. I hate to say that, but when all the members of the house give it a try and no one could say anything good about it, well, that just seals the deal.
  7. When compared to a game released in 1977 that was really only one step more complex than Pong, Tank Beat got… beat.

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