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Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal Image

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  • Summary: Take on the role of Tao, a young magical student trying to master the Magical Arts. One day, the Demon Seal from a faraway Monster Tower cracked and let loose hoards of ferocious ancient monsters. In Tao's village, the village of the Bente Island, an extremely powerful monster curses the townspeople, including Tao's family, turning them all into stone. Tao must find a way to master the art of magic, repair the Demon Seal, destroy the curse and save his family. In order to break the curse, Tao must find the monster egg of the ancient monster that cursed his family, Straitser. With that egg, he can return to the village and the last remaining elders can break the evil curse, although if Tao does not return by the next full moon, the curse will never be broken. [Konami] Expand
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  1. If you don’t mind the style and feel of RPGs of days gone by, but with a unique twist thanks to the touch screen options, then Tao’s Adventure will happily fill the empty void in your DS library when it comes to genre.
  2. The design flaws detract from the game, and there isn’t enough variety to make the annoying features worth overlooking.
  3. It's a proven formula, but the game proves to be a bit of a bugger to interact with. [July 2006, p.70]
  4. 50
    The game is basically a watered down version of everything we've seen before in better console games. And it's also a case study in developers' overindulgence when dealing with new technology.
  5. Lack of decent save feature is perhaps the final nail in the, ah, demon seal for Tao's Adventure. Repetitive games such as this should either have a quick-save feature, or allow players to save as often as they would like.
  6. Any joy you might glean from Tao's progressive treasure collecting and monster slaying will be completely drowned by your tears of boredom. [May 2006, p.108]
  7. A note to those hoping Tao's Adventure might fill the gaping hole in the DS lineup caused by a lack of RPGs - you're better off with the gaping hole.

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