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  • Summary: Based on the most popular Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff delivers to long time fans and newcomers easy to employ controls, fun, huge plays and exciting cut-scenes. The classic, over-the-top, all-American football game enables players of all levels to engage in a fun filled, fast paced, arcade style of football. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff brings a host of new features that will further enhance the gameplay experience, including: Customizable Teams: Choose team colors, emblems, player names, team cities and abilities. Super Abilities: Tactically use over-the-top plays to take over a game. Wi-Fi and Wireless Multiplayer: Play against friends across the country or across the room. Variety of Teams: Choose from 32 different teams across the country. Cut-Scenes: All-new cut-scenes showing off the dramatic presentation of various plays. Stylus Control: Feel the action by using the stylus to control your player. Customizable Playbook: Choose four running and four passing plays to your liking. Music and Sound Effects: Turn up the heat on your opponent as you play the game to rock ‘n’ roll remixes of the most memorable tunes in football gaming history. [Tecmo] Expand
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  1. 85
    With arcade-like, simplistic game play and easy controls, Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff gives a nice little alternative to the realism found in that other football title. Now if we could only get an Xbox Live Arcade or PSN version with online leagues life would be grand.
  2. 80
    It’s never going to be the next Madden in terms of sales or simulation, but what Tecmo Bowl Kickoff does offer is fast, fun football action on the go and you owe it to yourself to pick it up, especially if you grew up with the series and want to bring a little nostalgia back into your life.
  3. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff is a faithful reinterpretation of the classic pigskin game that everyone knows and loves.
  4. A new Tecmo Bowl game has been long overdue, and it's appreciated that they made one. However, for the next version, we need more.
  5. Kickoff does a great job of satiating my hunger for old-school videogame football--a yearning I didn't even know I had. [Dec 2008, p.84]
  6. This misguided remake proves that you can never go home again.
  7. 50
    One of the game's goofier oversights is not telling you where you are on the field. If it's fourth down, a menu will pop up that asks if you want to punt, kick a field goal, or go for it. Yet there's no indication if you're on your own 30-yard line or your opponent's. And no way to call a play, then a timeout, to find out. So bogus.

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