The Legend of Kage 2 DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 21
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  1. Engaging gameplay, a plethora of unlockables, and above-norm production values really give this title a boost to propel the franchise into this millennium. It's true: Ninja don't need orange jumpsuits to be cool.
  2. It’s just enormously cool that this title exists, despite the fact that the only other title in the series is a 22-year old NES game. It’s stylish, fun, and offers a very solid retro experience.
  3. Nintendo Power
    The DS has given us plenty of solid side-scrollers, but Legend of Kage 2 is something special. [Nov 2008, p.104]
  4. With the bounty of acrobatics at your disposal, Legend of Kage 2 should fill your ninja-fix. That is, if you can handle being bitch-slapped by the difficulty.
  5. It’s not the sort of game that’s to everybody’s tastes, but for the old-school gamer who’s finished Contra 4, Legend of Kage 2 delivers a dose of good old-fashioned platforming action. Don’t worry if you don’t have nostalgia for the original — Kage 2 deserves to be played based on its own merits.
  6. AceGamez
    The Legend of Kage 2 won't be to everyone's liking due to its 16-bit sensibilities and challenging difficulty level, but if you're eager for something more like a traditional game than Yet More Bloody Brain Training* and nintendogs: The Lady and the Tramp Edition*, Taito's return to an era of skilful, fast-paced, unforgiving gameplay will seem like a godsend to many disenchanted gamers this Christmas.
  7. 80
    The beauty in Legend Of Kage 2 is that it can be conquered and the game lets you know this and teases you with it - you've just got to be good enough to do it.
  8. The Legend of Kage 2 is a good sequel with great boss battles and plenty of action.
  9. The gameplay gets a bit repetitive, but there are incentives for exploring every nook and cranny of the game.
  10. I enjoyed The Legend of Kage 2 despite its flaws. I was willing to overlook its deficiencies, and it was an entertaining diversion.
  11. 70
    While it's not terribly original or striking in any way, The Legend of Kage 2 is a fun game that comes at a price which makes recommendation pretty easy.
  12. Despite a couple of unusual tweaks, Legend of Kage 2 is an unabashedly conventional action game, the kind that we don't often see anymore. Fans of the original Ninja Gaiden titles will adore this less difficult throwback.
  13. The Legend of Kage 2 pays homage to its 22 year old father extremely well, with a traditional feel that should really excite fans of the side-scrolling genre.
  14. The Legend of Kage 2 may have missed its mark, but we can always hope for something better next time.
  15. The Legend of Kage 2 starts at the point the first game left us 24 years ago. The choice of sticking to the origins of series could convince new users to try the game, but old time players could be disappointed. It's fun, but you have to be a real fan of two-dimensional-action game to decide to buy it.
  16. 67
    A bit more ambition could've made this a true classic (how about some Wi-Fi co-op?), but as it stands, it's the next best thing to cramming GBA cult classic "Ninja Five-O" into your DS.
  17. The Legend of Kage 2 may not be the perfect 16-bit revival, but it's definitely worth checking out for those who love fast-paced ninja platforming action!
  18. 60
    It's ugly, but Kage feels like a Shinobi clone and that's not a bad thing. We just want a little more from today's releases, even ones priced $19.99. But for what it is, Kage 2's blade is sharp enough to cut into our game time.
  19. 58
    It doesn't look great or sound great, but ultimately Legend of Kage 2 doesn't play that hot either. It's good for a quick romp but it's certainly nothing special.
  20. This unexpected sequel still maintains the cool feeling of being a ninja, but all too simplistic levels and monotonous gameplay hampers the experience. The presentation can often be a bit busy, making it difficult for the player in hectic situations. There is basically no replay value at all so our advice is to wait until this title ends up in the bargain bin.
  21. 50
    The Legend of Kage 2 is a weak, bland and uninspiring 2D ninja action game.

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  1. Sep 9, 2017
    I disagree with a lot of the reviews for this game, and I believe it to be one of the most underrated DS games I have seen. I find the game toI disagree with a lot of the reviews for this game, and I believe it to be one of the most underrated DS games I have seen. I find the game to be fairly challenging at first, but once you learn the mechanics and timing of your actions, things begin to make sense. The :flow" of the game was very smooth and the actions of the characters and bosses were dynamic and looked great. The music was very nice and made helped illustrate the world this game takes place in. The design and format of the bosses are so creative and unique that it brings the game to life. It did not need hyper-dynamic characters or stunning dialogue. The game levels and mechanics, along with the creative design are what drives it. People don't play Mario games for the story or for the characters, but many of those games are critically acclaimed. What makes Mario games fun is what makes the Legend of Kage 2 fun as well. I remember being fascinated by the boss designs and the art of the game. (I mean, the game even has unlockable concept art). This game also has the option of playing as a different character with different mechanics, making the experience different and even more challenging. The game can be found for a very cheap price, and I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is still interested in DS games. I love this game. I wish more 2D platformers were like this one. This is one of few 2D platformers that I actually wanted to finish and complete. I give this game a 9/10. Full Review »
  2. Mar 26, 2016
    Who has been paying these reviewers? I tried so hard to find something to like in this game. There is nothing. Soundtrack is boring.Who has been paying these reviewers? I tried so hard to find something to like in this game. There is nothing. Soundtrack is boring. Characters are about as dynamic as a sheet of cardboard. They somehow even managed to make the better-than-you-rival character bad--still not sure if that's embarrassing or impressive. Bosses are idiotic and try to hit you out of their range, while they're still in yours. Others willingly back themselves into corners. Final boss phase 1's battle strategy is so random and unexplained. Phase 2 is the single most un-fun, dry, boring, and straight up painful game experience I have sat through. I don't get what it is with this game and vertical boss battles, but they are awful. Minions are easily avoidable and hardly worth stopping to fight in general, minus a few that lock progress for reasons unknown. Higher level jumping become erratic because you can't see as high as you'll go. The female character's range weapon is objectively inferior, leaving her pointless to use except for a slightly more interesting story--as if more interesting than dog sh*t counts. The special powers weren't even that useful. Overall, this is the worst experience I have had playing a game since Mega Man X7 and only second to Star Fox Adventures, and I wish we could give this the E.T. treatment. TL;DR, awful. Full Review »
  3. Aug 22, 2014
    It's a little short, and a bit easy, but it's ridiculously addictive. Hard mode unlocks after a play through too (wish it were available fromIt's a little short, and a bit easy, but it's ridiculously addictive. Hard mode unlocks after a play through too (wish it were available from the start) and that ads a bit more of a challenge; besides a lot of the fun of this game comes from, not making it through the level, but doing it well and with style, using all your special skills, bouncing off enemies heads and air dashing into another enemy, trying to bet bosses without taking a hit. There's also a pretty good variety of spells to unlock and upgrades to receive, although since the drops are randomized you will have to grind a lot to get the better skills, and how to unlock new moves isn't particularly clear in game, but, the game plays fun enough that the grinding isn't too much of a choir. All in all this is an incredibly under rated game, and worth getting, especially considering how cheap it goes for these days. Full Review »