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  • Summary: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks sets hero Link on a daring new adventure. The game provides players with a new story, more puzzles and even a new mode of transportation. In this game, Link voyages by train, which offers up new possibilities for problem-solving. The game has the same look and feel established in Phantom Hourglass. Link has a valuable new companion. While navigating dungeons, he's accompanied by a Phantom, a hulking suit of armor that responds to his commands. Players can tap the Phantom to take command of him, then draw a line on the touch screen to direct him where to go. The stout Phantom can walk through fire or lava, be used as a platform to carry Link above dangers, or even run interference to block Link from harm. When Link conducts the train, players enjoy a satisfying combination of action and real-time puzzle solving as they determine which track to take and how to best manipulate their speed. When on the train, Link must plot the best route to the end of the line around ever-moving obstacles. While en route, Link might need to fire an onboard cannon at enemies who attack the train or sound the whistle to scare animals off the tracks. Link uses a variety of new items and weapons, including the Whirlwind, which players activate by blowing into the microphone of the Nintendo DS system. As with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, players can draw notes on the in-game maps using the stylus on the touch screen. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 69 out of 75
  2. Negative: 0 out of 75
  1. 100
    Zelda fans are going to love this - but the multiplayer mode is a little bit boring.
  2. 93
    The bold lines, simple colours and innocent aesthetic emphasises the idealism of the Zelda series at its finest: this tiny, wide-eyed boy can conquer unimaginable evil, and his stoic determination can achieve more than even omnipotent deities could manage. These games might be perfect for children, but they're as fine an example of gaming as any adult could hope to encounter.
  3. A fun time and very well executed game. If you’re looking for something to play on the road while on vacation, or hiding away from society in a bomb shelter until Christmas blows over, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks makes as good a companion as a Ghost Princess.
  4. A perfectly solid representation of Zelda. The puzzles are not easy, despite the cartoon appearance of the main character, the characters are interesting, the controls work well, and the story is adequate.
  5. Don’t let some minor quibbles prevent you from playing this very enjoyable chapter of the Zelda series as Nintendo effectively brings together several gameplay ideas together to form a great game overall.
  6. 80
    In summation, it looks great, the music is wonderful and no matter how frustrated the player gets with any one puzzle, it's an enjoyable enough experience that they won't want to stop until they've finished it.
  7. Your 15th trip through the barren Hyrule countryside sums up not just dodging trains in Spirit Tracks, but basically the entirety of Spirit Tracks.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 49
  2. Negative: 4 out of 49
  1. RubZG
    Dec 8, 2009
    An amazing an extremely fun game. The train is so fun an the graphics incredible for a DS game. A DS must buy.
  2. May 20, 2012
    I was truly blown away with Spirit Tracks, it's a phenomenal game and I honestly can't bring myself to give it anything less then a 10/10, It's truly a masterpiece. The story and characters a fantastic, and provide some truly emotional and laugh out loud moments, the gameplay is fantastic featuring solid combat backed by great controls (although I probably would have preferred a more traditional control scheme, this one works very well) and some really complex puzzles that will have you using every ounce of brain power you've got. The graphics look fantastically adorable, but don't let it's cuteness fool you this is every bit a hardcore gamers game(that also can be enjoyed by more casual gamers), and the soundtrack is outstanding and one of the best I've heard in a video game. And the bosses are epic most of them take up both screens and require skill along with quick thinking and reflexes, and the new items are great and the inventory system is fantastic. the game also packs a lot of content in the form of side quests and treasure hunting, the treasure hunting makes excellent use of the ability to write notes and mark locations on the map and kinda gives it a Indiana Jones feel, well that and the whip XD. I'm sure you've heard the complaints about the train by now and I'm just gong to give my opinion, I liked it, I thought it was a pretty sweet addition especially when you use it for combat (which controls wonderfully by the way). I highly recommend this game it's truly a amazingly fun experience and that's why I give it a 10 out of 10. Expand
  3. Oct 21, 2012
    I hated Phantom Hourglass. The over world sucked, the music was bland, the puzzles were insultingly easy, and the plot was an excuse. So why does this game get a perfect ten from me? Because it did just about everything right. Admittedly the over world wasn't as good as in the 3D Zelda games, but it's still a vast improvement. The music offers some of the best tracks in the entire franchise, such as the Sacred Duet and the Overworld theme. The puzzles were easily the best out of any Zelda game, making it a bit more of a puzzle game than an action-adventure title. Finally, the plot was probably the best in the series, involving many great characters with a lot of life to them(Especially Zelda and Byrne). This game is different than other Zelda games, but as we established with Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword, different doesn't mean bad. Expand
  4. NorbertN
    Dec 24, 2009
    It improves on Phantom Hourglass in every way. And it does bring some inovation to the series as well. Still there's a bit of Deja Vu though - ow many times have we had to collect the Boomerang and Bow? At least in Twilight Princess they managed to put a neat twist on many of the traditional weapons. Overall a very good game, but for me it lacked the 'OMG' factor of some of the other instalments. Expand
  5. Apr 12, 2012
    Spirit Tracks is an enjoyable and suitable epic Zelda adventure. The world is sprawling and the unique DS features (touch controls, microphone) are used in imaginative ways and get the most of the handheld. The two primary concepts of ST are the trains used to navigate the world and having Zelda as a very useful companion. These are both great but are also responsible for the game's main flaws. As fun as the train mechanics are, they are used to such an extent that it becomes a bit tiresome and feels like padding. As for Zelda, her AI can be downright embarrassing at times. These aren't huge grievances but they do detract from the overall experience. Overall, the good far outweighs the bad in Spirit Tracks and the high quality of the LoZ series is kept intact. Expand
  6. EricC
    Dec 9, 2009
    Saying this is a remake of Phantom Hourglass is like saying The Two Towers is a remake of Fellowship of the Ring. Great game, but train travel can get a little old at times. Expand
  7. Aug 30, 2012
    I have no clue whatsoever why everyone seems to not hate this game, never mind actually LIKE it. It just about makes it to 'playable', but you will NOT enjoy playing it. The controls are annoying (Couldn't they have just made it possible to use the D-Pad?), paticularly when you have to blow on the microphone. It provides limited levels of entertainment for a few hours. Then it suffers from the same affliction to plague the whole Zelda series. Bottlenecks. You're in a dungeon. It's mildly enjoyable despite the fact you're fumbling a bit with the awkward control scheme. Then you come to a room full of random objects. It gives you no clue as to how to proceed. You know that due to the way the series works if you do some random sequence of things the door will open. That's it. It gives you no clue as to what this sequence of things might be. If you can figure it out by pure chance then you have some awkward combat. Repeat ad infnitum. I hate this game. Expand

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