Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. A solid offering that will be especially appealing for younger players due to its somewhat low level of difficulty.
  2. While Starfy may not offer up much of challenge for experienced gamers, younger and novice DS gamers alike will undoubtedly enjoy this first taste of the Starfy franchise.
  3. A fun, but disposable game. [Aug 2009, p.93]
  4. If you have any experience playing video games, you simply don't need Starfy. If you've been playing as long as I have, you'll recognize the cookie-cutter characters, the attempt at a mascot akin to every game of the early '90s, and will blow through it easily enough... if you don't give up from sheer boredom. If you're just starting out though, it definitely has a place... but this is a Nintendo system, so you know there's better.
  5. Perhaps this game appeals less to adolescent and adult males than most games do: Starfy is more Kirby than Mario. But it does what it does very well, and I hope that this title is merely the beginning of Starfy's legend in North America.
  6. Even with the cuteness level of The Legendary Starfy approaching eleven, it is not a hard game to recommend to fans of 2D platform games. Kids will absolutely eat up the adventure and there are still plenty of moments for grown-ups to enjoy. If you have been looking for a carefree game to give to youngsters, or even yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. 60
    For those looking to fill the void for a zany platformer, Starfy is your starfish.
  8. Newcomers will love its pick-up-and-play nature, while the hardcore platform enthusiasts will spend a lot of time looking through every nook and cranny in the game to find something special.
  9. It's just a shame that there's such a minimal sense of accomplishment from any given task in the game, because this could have been a chance for a star to rise in the West. [Sept 2009, p.118]
  10. While Starfy can’t compare to the king of the genre, he certainly has a place in Nintendo’s court.
  11. The Legendary Starfy never completely shakes the sluggish nature of its initially vanilla gameplay, and the game offers very little challenge for hardened platform veterans, but it's a pleasant romp that continually improves as it progresses.
  12. It's not going to be the best 2D platformer from Nintendo, but it's definitely up there with the other titles on the DS, and manages to stand apart from games like Super Princess Peach, New Super Mario Bros., and so on, enough so that it still manages to be good while doing something unique with it's overall play mechanics.
  13. When all is tallied up, The Legendary Starfy is a solid game. It does everything a platformer should do.
  14. Maybe if Starfy had been around in the Western market for years and engendered the same sort of nostalgia that we older gamers feel for franchises like Mario, I'd be more forgiving of this game's simplistic nature--but as a newcomer to the series, I found myself wanting for a platformer with a little more meat on its bones.
  15. 89
    For those looking for another impressive core Nintendo franchise to obsess about for the next few dozen years, Starfy is your man. Combining some of the best elements from games like Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, Little Nemo, and Mario himself, TOSE’s latest offering is a DS gem, and brings about more content and diversity than almost any other sidescroller on the system.
  16. 80
    Legendary Starfy is a terrific debut, despite the overly cute presentation. You'd do well to wish upon this star.
  17. It doesn't do anything new and it's not exactly challenging, but Starfy is a charming, funny game, and a pleasant enough way to while away a few hours. [Sept 2009, p.68]
  18. If you can appreciate a unique and silly platforming experience that doesn't take itself too seriously, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more endearing title than The Legendary Starfy.
  19. A solid, well-made game that will provide hours of relaxing fun. [July 2009, p.89]
  20. While the challenge level leaves something to be desired, the good aspects certainly outweigh the bad, and we can only hope that the Western gaming world will continue to see more of Starfy and his outrageous companions in the future.
  21. 73
    Packed with extra activities, secret areas and a decent if not overwhelming adventure, The Legendary Starfy will no doubt have satisfied all those eager gamers waiting for it to appear in a language they could understand.
  22. 75
    The Legendary Starfy sorely lacks in challenge but it does offer a solid platforming adventure that has plenty of fun moments.
  23. It’s made for kids of all ages, and Starfy’s well deserving of sitting alongside Nintendo’s other great gaming legends.
  24. Overall, I found The Legendary Starfy to be an enjoyable game. It's definitely too easy in terms of difficulty, and it's a bit lengthy.
  25. The Legendary Starfy is a solid platform game that bases the adventure on a simple but addictive gameplay. Perhaps adding some more functions for the touch screen wouldn’t have been bad, but it is not something that affects the final result.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 23 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  3. Negative: 1 out of 11
  1. Dec 13, 2011
    I think it is a great game but the final boss is hard it has great controls. I play this game a lot.This game is awesome. I am stuck on the final boss. Full Review »
  2. LOLzWut
    Dec 26, 2009
    This game makes me wanna play it over and over again! The cute characters and the funny animals are so cool, i just want to explode. If you like kirby, donkey kong, mario, anything like that; you will LOVE starfy. i thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope it continues to shine. Full Review »
  3. Apr 8, 2014
    Beautiful characters, story, fair difficulty, hard if your going for 100%, but not too hard, wonderful mini-games, loveable characters, this is one of the best ds games of all time! Full Review »