• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2008
  • Also On: PC

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  1. Absolute fanatics will undoubtedly get more out of the experience than casual gamers or puzzle game fans but even they will probably end up calling it quits before playing every game. It's a shame because successful game show games means we'll eventually get the Card Sharks game we so richly deserve, but for now, take a pass on this one and remember, to always spay and neuter your pets.
  2. Playing The Price Is Right in real-life might be really fun and compelling but the fun didn’t make it to the DS version, at all.
  3. 35
    As a video game, the excitement is completely gone, replaced by a show with no host, starring hideous contestants, a rule system that is arbitrary, and with seemingly rigged AI.

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