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  • Summary: Who has it within them to rise up against the ever growing threat of violence, crime, and terrorism on the streets of Tokyo? Enter the Beast Cops, tireless servants of justice. These men and women struggle night and day for the heart of the city. They'll match any villain punch for punch, kick for kick, bullet for bullet. They're Beast Cops because they will do whatever it takes, pay any price, inflict as much damage as necessary, in order to restore peace and security to the streets of Tokyo. Beat 'em up that lets you shoot 'em up - When fisticuffs aren't enough, add guns to deliver a whole new brand of justice to the mean streets of Tokyo. Pick up a variety of weapons, ranging from handguns to rocket launchers, for intense action on each level. Badass 70's cop show vibe - Outrageous style, over-the-top substance, and no holds barred hardboiled police action mix with madcap humor and sharply-written dialogue. Dishing out justice to the seamy underbelly of Tokyo has never been this satisfying. Multiple characters & endings - This sordid tale of Tokyo's criminal set unfolds through the eyes of three different cops with unique play styles. Story branches lead to multiple endings that determine whether you'll get your shot to beat down the ultimate crime boss. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. 80
    From its hilariously campy dialogue to the fantastic seventies vibe, Tokyo Beat Down is worth checking out for on-the-go rumblers, and with it's almost non-existent learning curve it's absolutely perfect for first time brawlers as well. [Apr 2009, p.77]
  2. I wanted to love Tokyo Beat Down, but in the end there wasn't enough there to win me over. The game is certainly packed with charm and style, but holes in the control and some balance issues hold it back.
  3. Tokyo Beat Down is a fun and shallow beat-'em-up that occasionally veers off path.
  4. 60
    Even though you're forced to play the game solo (sadly, the game lacks multiplayer), Tokyo Beat Down has enough goofy moments to warrant a rental.
  5. Tokyo Beat Down isn't a great game. It isn't really even that good of a game. But fans of similar games will appreciate what the Beast Cops have to offer, and even gamers lukewarm on brawlers will find some merit in Tokyo Beat Down alongside its painfully unfair and tedious moments.
  6. Tokyo Beat Down could have been a cheesy beat-‘em-up that is still enjoyable, but clunky controls and gameplay keep it from reaching its potential.
  7. Here is a little math to help recap the review: decent graphics - bad controls - bad story line - bad music = a crappy game. Even if you are a fan of this type of game; I would recommend looking elsewhere for your next title.

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