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  • Summary: It's Sudoku with pictures! Toon-Doku takes the challenging fun of traditional Sudoku and adds in cartoon picture-based puzzles and multiplayer competition. Younger players will be less intimidated by the 200+ images they can unlock, edit and place on the game board. Three multiplayer modes add head-to-head play that gets fast and furious with the unique Distraction System players can use to thwart their opponent's progress. Toon-Doku gives the popular numbers pastime a whole new look. [Majesco Games] Expand
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  1. A fair package for puzzle fans, but don't think for a minute that gamers who don't already dig sudoku are going to play this and join the numbers in boxes movement.
  2. The pictures will likely be too off-putting for this to be enjoyable for fans of Sudoku, and considering it actually makes the game a little trickier to play, I question how suitable this is for children.
  3. Zendoku is much, much better. [Aug 2007, p.65]
  4. Toon-Doku fails on all fronts, delivering a painfully unpleasant experience that I would not wish upon anyone without an iron constitution.
  5. 35
    Toon-Doku is proof that you can't "pretty up" sudoku and make it better than free pen-and-paper versions, or even the simpler versions already on the system.
  6. An ill-conceived variation on a popular formula.