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  • Summary: The game features great multiplayer for 2-4 players (a 'lite' mode where only one player has a cartridge, and a full mode where every player has a cartridge), simulator and arcade modes, a ton of aircraft, air-to-ground, ground-to-air and lots of dog fighting. If you like flying, Top Gun and, most importantly, blowing stuff up... then you'll love this game. [Mastiff] Expand
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  1. On the whole, Top Gun is a solid game. Even though it does not use the DS to its fullest capacity or really add anything new to the genre, it is loads of fun.
  2. Top Gun is far from perfect, but it’s a solid first entry into the genre on the DS, and should more than satisfy DS owners waiting in heavy anticipation for games like Star Fox DS, DS Air and Freedom Wings.
  3. When all is said and done, Top Gun – while technically impressive overall – is not really all that enjoyable or rewarding of a game. Cheap deaths and respawning enemies do not a good game make. At thirty bucks, there are so many games that might be better worth your money.
  4. Unfortunately, Top Gun rarely rises above it’s recycled mission structure and repetitive dogfights that ultimately makes this a forgettable experience.
  5. But the gameplay is so simplified and dull that after a few minutes in the cockpit I was ready to crash into a nearby mountain. [Apr 2006, p.86]
  6. Much like Slider in the movie upon which this air combat game is based, Top Gun for the DS does, in fact, stink.
  7. Iceman has done it again; who knows what kind of shoddy licensed drivel he'll chomp his prolific teeth at next?

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