Top Trumps: Doctor Who DS

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  • Summary: (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Eidos creates a virtual version of the card game populated by the weird denizens of Dr. Who.
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  1. The game might be basic in terms of graphics and presentation, and it might disappoint some fans by being based on the cartoon series and not the live action show, but Top Trumps Doctor Who is a recommended purchase for any young DS-owning Doctor Who fan.
  2. The presentation is of a high quality, there's enough data to please fans of the TV show and they haven't mucked about with the classic Top Trumps gameplay. It's a shame none of the modes really make the most of the fact you're playing on a DS, and grown-ups are likely to memorise the cards and find it gets repetitive rather quickly. Still. Dr Who Top Trumps!
  3. Those wishing for a Doctor Who action game will probably turn their nose up at this virtual card game, but it'll be their loss as this is a surprisingly enjoyable gem that younger gamers are likely to remember fondly for some time.
  4. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Limited, dated and very boring, only die hard fans and young kids will find any fun here. [July 2008, p.95]
  5. Nintendo Gamer
    This is okay for what it is, but what it is certainly isn't worth 30 quid. [July 2008, p.73]
  6. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    We found matching up odd socks more interesting. [Issue#23, p.78]
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