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  • Summary: Tornado lets players join forces with Toki and the other members of the Cosmic Cleaners as they set out to restore all of Earth's buildings, vehicles, inhabitants and other obscure objects that have been stolen by the envious Prince using his mischievous "Black Hole Device." Using a combination of stylus and microphone activated controls, players will travel across Planet 69 as they level up and max out their "Tornado Machines" to literally uproot everything in their paths in effort to take back what Prince has wrongfully stolen and return it to Earth. [Ignition] Expand
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  1. The control system and mission structure makes it unfairly annoying at times. [Mar 2009, p.88]
  2. Essentially a sub-Katamari game on Nintendo DS, Ignition's title offers a decent (if short) campaign for players, though the Bonus Mode is more compelling.
  3. If a little more time was spent in development ironing out these kinks, then Tornado could have been a solid form of competition for Katamari Damacy.
  4. Spending time on playing Tornado has been very unrewarding for me. Even after finishing the game, I didn’t feel like I had accomplished anything. To me, it felt more like a warmed up glass of beer on a hot summer day. Tornado simply doesn’t meet the demands of a videogame in the year 2008, so my advice to you is this: let this game blow over, and wait for something else.
  5. Toss this one into the storm cellar and lock the door
  6. Tornado is more of a shame than a disappointment. The Katamari Damacy style gameplay could have been a perfect fit on the DS. It boggles the mind that someone somewhere within the development team didn't notice how much strain constantly drawing circles puts on your wrist.
  7. 20
    The tornado concept had potential but poor game design choices such as constant circling, no instant retry and a time limit so harsh you will fail more than you succeed have made it a frustrating game that completely forgets the core concept of games - fun and enjoyment.

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