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  • Summary: Touch Mechanic takes players into the exciting world of customs and car tuning. Work your way to the top of the profession and become a surgeon of the automobile as you advance by changing rims, repairing damaged bumpers, replacing mufflers and brakes, performing paint and decal work and adding aftermarket enhancements to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Follow an adventurous story line and experience dozens of car modification missions. Use the DS stylus to simulate the use of a mechanic’s tools: wrench, sander, welder, buffer, etc. Use your ever-growing mechanic skill set to solve more advanced car repairs within the designated time limit. Modify your very own car with dozens of modifiable parts to create your dream ride. Work with fully rendered 3D automobiles throughout 75 levels of gameplay. [Aspyr Media] Expand
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  1. All of the elements are there for a really good game. The only things holding this back are the serious repetition and the small amount of different modifications you can do to each car.
  2. You can do a spot of car modding as well, but the options are pretty limited. [July 2009, p.77]
  3. Touch Mechanic doesn’t try to create a revolutionary gameplay experience. Instead it treads in a wading pool that isn’t too deep for anyone to feel worried. If you’re a car buff and wanted a customization/repair car game then Touch Mechanic will be your game. You’ll have probably just enough elements to keep you playing all the way until the end.
  4. Touch Mechanic's controls work well, but you just can't do enough to the cars. [May 2009, p.91]
  5. 40
    Touch Mechanic might be worth a rent if you're nuts about cars or know what it takes to get an alternator ticking again. Everyone else, however, should skip it. Its punishing learning curve and lack of fun steered it in the wrong direction.
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  1. YusmanS.
    Apr 19, 2009
    This game will be very entertaining and exciting for people who love about cars and cars modifications! I'm enjoy it very much and get knowledge about car mechanics. at some point of the game, come component of the game is a bit repetitive. overall, its a FUN game about Cars! Expand