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  • Summary: The wide variety of highly interactive mini-games that made Midway’s TouchMaster a favorite in bars and arcades across the country returns again with TouchMaster 2 for the Nintendo DS. With 20 new games, including exciting twists on some familiar classics, with new spins on Mahki, Poker and Solitaire, TouchMaster 2 offers addictive fun for gamers of all ages. TouchMaster 2’s new collection includes extremely fun and exciting card, action, strategy, puzzle and picture games. Play a quick round to beat your high-score or find some real competition playing head-to-head against other players. TouchMaster 2, the personal arcade that fits snug in the palm of your hands. [Midway] Collapse
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  1. The game isn't going to bowl you over with its presentation or provide a casual games revolution, but it will give you plenty of fun games to goof around with, and possibly an excuse to get take-out for dinner.
  2. You certainly can't go wrong with a rental of Touchmaster 2. But keep in mind that most of these games, or variations of them, can be found on the net for free. The only two factors that make this version unique is that it's portable and features the touchscreen control system.
  3. 79
    Touchmaster 2 just presents its games better thanks to the developer taking its time to address all the issues we had with the first Touchmaster experience.
  4. 76
    TouchMaster 2 is a solid follow-up to last year's surprisingly addictive DS title. Everything you loved about the first one is intact outside of online leader boards and the collection of games this time around is much more diverse providing a more entertaining experience all around.
  5. It's inevitable that More TouchMaster will be compared to "42 All-Time Classics", which unfortunately is where it falls down.
  6. At a quid a pop, this is good value. Most of the mini-games have lasting appeal.
  7. Making a sequel to an average can either stay average or improve. Thankfully, TouchMaster 2 improves on the little things without making huge waves.. If there’s a third game currently in the works, it can’t do anything else than improve.

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