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  • Summary: Tropix's broad range of activities is a perfect fit for anyone looking for an enjoyable escape. The unlimited gameplay offers hours of fun for all ages, and we know that anyone will enjoy getting lost in the Tropix. Those who enter the Tropix oasis have 11 exciting minigames from which to choose-you can swing through the jungle, hone your skills at coconut bowling, or do a little mental exercise in fun word games. Then take the Sand Dollars you earn and visit the Tropix Trading Post, where you can purchase fun and zany items for your pet. No matter what kind of casual game you enjoy best, Tropix is the ultimate gaming vacation for the whole family. Expand
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  1. The bottom line is this; casual players who love a good puzzle game now and then will enjoy this title for a long time to come, but core gamers who look for variety and depth in their games may want to look elsewhere.
  2. 66
    There are cheaper DS titles with more gameplay and originality. But shovelware this is not.
  3. A passable, but small, collection of mini-games that'll appeal to a pretty large group of players, but it's hardly something that you can get excited about playing, especially since we've already seen all of these mini-games in some form or another, and most likely under different names.
  4. Only two, possibly three, of these games are fun, and even then only for very short bursts.