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  1. WireWay stands firmly as a platform-puzzle adventure on the DS. Sadly, much of its appeal is dampened by the disorientation of the dual screens. Hopefully, these issues can be resolved for a sequel – the potential is certainly there.
  2. WireWay is a surprisingly entertaining little game. While the main Quest Mode is a bit short at about four hours, the game offers considerable replay value with its Challenge and Versus Modes.
  3. Unfortunately, the gap between the DS's two screens can be a hindrance, and the frustrating camera controls will often have you blindly shooting offscreen. [Holiday 2009, p.89]
  4. 65
    WireWay tries very hard to be a great game and I often found myself wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt, but the lingering camera issue hits too close to home.
  5. Despite its gameplay and audio flaws, WireWay manages to deliver a satisfying experience that should please anyone who likes either platformers or puzzle games - more-so the latter, as the platforming element is secondary to puzzle-solving.
  6. Feels more like a budget release. [Jan 2010, p.75]
  7. 60
    WireWayis a game that sounds great on paper and looks pretty good at first glance. The process of flicking your way through a series of levels blindly, however, just doesn't work very well.
  8. 60
    Had Konami considered a wider camera display and additional multiplayer modes, WireWay could've been a huge hit. If you can accept these shortcomings, the game's worth a try.
  9. The game offers plenty of stages, and ranks your score at the end of each. Challenges are opened up after you finish each level, and if you haven’t become disenchanted with Wiley by then, there’s a lot left to do. That is, if you still give a flick.
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  1. tonyg
    Dec 2, 2009
    very original... alot of fun bungeeing that lil alien all around those levels! ... some boards are very tough to collect all items .. its got that one more time, one more time element. fun. Full Review »