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    The FMV sequences and extras in this game should be particularly enjoyable for fans of these pro poker icons. But the table game itself is lacking in personality, and more cluttered than some of the better DS poker games available.
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  1. DanteRavenkin
    Jul 21, 2008
    As a poker player, this game gives me a decent way to play/pactice on the go. The only downside, as with all versions of WSOP:BFTB, is that you cannot save mid-tournament. And if you play poker, you know that a tournament of 2000+ people can take quite some time to finish. Thank goodness for the DS's sleep function. A solid buy if you're a poker fan. Full Review »
  2. JargussD
    Jul 11, 2008
    Game feature real poker players and casinos. Only one type of hold 'em poker, no Omaha or anything else. You can play in WSOP, cash game, or head to head with one of the real poker player. Game has 3 difficulties, though the game is not easy to win even on amatuer. The pace of the game is very slow. Many games can drag more than 30 mins without a winner because the CPU fold a lot. You can't save in between. Not much to do in the game and the game feel boring. Midnight Play Back feature better poker playing experience than this game even without real poker players. Full Review »