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  • Summary: Master the power of the X-Men—Obliterate enemies and objects as Wolverine, using your lethal adamantium claws and crushing brute force. As Nightcrawler, scale walls, swing from rafters and teleport through environments to surprise enemies. Shoot ice bursts and create hailstorms as lightning-fast Iceman. For even more power, utilize fury and adrenaline modes. Become a part of the X-Men movie universe—Embark on a globe-spanning conflict featuring every element of the X-Men universe—from favorite villains to famous locations such as Alkali Lake, plus the voices and likenesses of key actors from the films. Battle fierce enemies, join forces with comrades—Face off against movie villains such as Pyro, Magneto and Sabretooth, plus added foes like legions of Sentinels. Storm, Colossus and Cyclops join forces with you in gameplay that includes melee fighting, stealth-style action and time-based missions. [Activision] Expand
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  1. Magneto fans will be attracted to the DS version of Activision's "back-story" game that leads into the new X-Men movie, since the Master of Magnetism is a playable character only on the DS. [July 2006, p.95]
  2. X-Men fans would do better to stick with the "Legends" games. If you absolutely need some mutants on the go, however, you could certainly do worse.
  3. Unfortunately the gameplay is linear, repetitive, and boring after the first two or three levels. The chugging graphics engine is also in need of a major overhaul before we see another DS game try to use it. Play if you must, but real console-owning X-Men fans would be better off with any other version than this.
  4. X-Men attempts to bring something new to the table with an interesting control scheme, but doesn't follow through with any sort of unique gameplay.
  5. A repetitive, bland game that also happens to be the worst use of a license I've ever seen.
  6. X-Men: the Official Game for DS is the same licensing travesty we’ve seen so many times before.
  7. We've found free games on the internet better than this. [Aug 2006, p.82]

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  1. sully
    May 25, 2006
    The game isn't that good, i mean in the ds version you can play as magneto which is kinda cool but there isn't enough action. I mean all you do in the game is use the stlyus to point at enemies to attack them. I wouldn't recomend you getting the game at least for ds, save your money for a better game. Collapse