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  1. Despite the occasional visual and control quirks, X-Scape is, quite simply, a fantastic follow-up to a game that the West barely knew. Loaded with content, ambitious and borderline experimental in aesthetic, it's got enough meat on its bones to rival a lot of retail releases and certainly stands tall on DSiWare.
  2. There have been quite a few really promising DSiWare titles of late, but none come even close to matching 3D Space Tank.
  3. 83
    If X-Scape's '80s style and immersive first-person gameplay catches your eye, then there's a damn good chance you'll love this throwback adventure. It's easily one of the most unique titles exclusively available for the DSi.
  4. Edge Magazine
    Not bad for the unlikely sequel to a game hardly anyone played. [Sept 2010, p.96]
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  1. Dec 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. X-Scape (Or known as 3D Space Tank) is a sequel to X for the Game Boy, sold only in Japan. But oddly enough, the game makes references to the original. Power Crystals, Commander, Tunnels, Power Stations..

    But enough of that. Now onto the review. As soon as I played it, I must admit, I was thrown into the fray. Tutorial then WHATJUSTHAPPENED!? Play it for yourself to find out. And eventually, you begin to notice the two-tone colours and... strange.. STRANGE controls. You get used to it eventually and go on a lovely adventure filled with destruction. Ahhh. Now for the battle section review. The battle happens on planets, on land and in air. The strange controls make it awkward to steer and shoot, on ground and air. Ramps are used to get into the air, but that becomes obsolete when you eventually get a jetpack. And now the tunnel scenes. Oh goodness, these... No matter how bad the controls, it's SO AMAZING. Whoever played Brawl and unlocked the X Tunnel Scene music will remember the music for the tunnel. You're dealing with moving doors and enemies moving along the walls, all hellbent on slowing you down enough for you to get a Game Over. Hell, once I even got there with literally ZERO milliseconds left. There's even a boss waiting for you... just a warning. And now onto the gameplay. The bottom screen is your movement, buttons is your shooting, top screen is your environment. Simple enough. Great boss battles await all, not just simply a shoot and kill type. Some require thought. The art style may seem minimal, but the colour schemes vary from planet to planet, all giving off a vibrant feeling.. except for the Virtual Boy Tribute. The music, again, varies from planet to planet. The music is pretty ominous and creepy at times, but some other times it can be... indescribable. And in conclusion, this game is great. A blast for the past you never had, and a gripping story, getting more darker over time. (I refuse to comment because I don't want to spoil any more.) In my opinion, this game deserves a 9/10. Worth the money.
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