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  • Summary: ZENDOKU blends exciting puzzle battle action with addictive Sudoku gameplay. Set against a whimsical Far Eastern backdrop with a light-hearted martial arts theme, ZENDOKU offers a variety of colorful characters and a comprehensive range of single-player and wireless multi-player game modes. Players choose a character and use the unique controls of the handheld console to attack or defend against a challenger, or race against the clock, all while completing one of an infinite number of ZENDOKU’s puzzle permutations. With an intuitive play style, an accessible learning curve, and entertaining character storylines, audiences everywhere can find the path to enlightenment with ZENDOKU. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. All in all, it’s a fun little game with cute graphics that ought to keep Sudoku fans happy.
  2. This is an addiction, not a game. As hard as you may fall for it, there are rewards for sticking with it, but the later levels will make it harder to do so.
  3. Overall, Zendoku is an interesting and amusing take on a Puzzle Fighter-style game.
  4. Sudoku purists will be upset by a number of things in this game. All puzzles appear to be randomly generated, so there’s no way to track which ones you have or haven’t solved yet.
  5. Thanks to the game's fundamental competitive structure, in two-player mode it shines and the charming art style, which ably mimics Japanese fighting game aesthetics, lends the package character sorely missing from its DS Sudoku rivals.
  6. Neatly presented, well thought out and with plenty of modes – multiplayer is especially good - Zendoku is a fun improvement on the basic Sudoku.
  7. 50
    Perhaps it's Sudoku burn-out. But mostly it's just that a Battle version of Sudoku isn't as fun as the packaging would lead you to believe.

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