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  • Summary: Aunt Lucy, a veterinarian at a world-famous zoo, invites you to intern for the summer. With her help, you'll treat a variety of exotic animals from around the world as you learn how to read body language, soothe animals, perform thorough examinations and treat them so they can return to their zoo habitats healthy! Explore the amazing world of animals and learn about animal care, and endangered and exotic species. Budding vets can become experts on their favorites. Use the Touch Screen and stylus in medical mini games to treat varied illnesses. Administer injections, apply ointment, pull teeth, remove deadly microbes, X Ray organs and much more. Treat 40 different patients from the bird, mammal and reptile families. Start with 10 unlocked animals including: eagle, kangaroo, jaguar, zebra, chimp, panda, hyena, male lion, fossa and cobra. Discover how best to calm stressed species through soothing touch. Develop new skills via observation, problem solving and motor control that help you successfully decipher a patient’s body language, perform a thorough examination and then determine the most appropriate treatment. Consult the Doctor’s Observational Computerized Clipboard (DOCC) to learn what’s ailing your patient while checking vital signs and statistics. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. With some better minigames, and a structure that did more to encourage players to progress, this could have been a spectacular sim. But the minigames don’t tie in well with the rest of the game, and they’re so few in number that you’ll get bored far too quickly to appreciate the game’s many beautiful character models for the various animals.
  2. Occasionally good graphics, somewhat interesting mini-games, and a good game concept fail to save Zoo Hospital in light of the fact so much more could have been done to make the game feel more complete. There was a lot of potential for greatness here, so hopefully next time around the developers take the extra time to go the distance.
  3. 55
    It's got a solid presentation, a large assortment of great looking animals, and a simple but fun interface. Unfortunately the game is over in a couple of hours, and with no way to track progress, or up the difficulty it gets boring.
  4. Shallow and repetitive gameplay pretty much destroys what would be a fun animal learning session.
  5. A forgettable relic that is just another in a long list of DS shovelware and a pretty bad example of it at that.
  6. There's potential in this idea, but Zoo Hospital largely fails to realize it, so hopefully if a sequel is forthcoming there will be a lot more to it than what's on offer here.