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  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Like Pushmo, I really enjoyed my time with Zuma's Revenge and it's definitely a game I'll go to for a quick puzzle fix. I am a little disappointed that there's no wi-fi multiplayer, the boss battles can get a tad annoying, and the difficulty can increase a little quickly for some people. Then again, no one said Zuma was easy.
  2. Mar 11, 2012
    With a downright addictive gameplay formula, a sprinkling of creative boss fights and a mountain of replay value, it's difficult to find much negative to say about Zuma's Revenge.
  3. 75
    Zuma's Revenge is an exceptional pick-up-and-play game.
  4. The game's 60 levels and randomly-generated daily missions promise some meaty longevity. Nice. [Oct 2012, p.94]
  5. Sep 19, 2012
    Pop Cap has delivered a well-rounded puzzler that keeps on delivering, albeit one that is so similar to Mitchell Corporation's original game, actionloop, that it ventures into plagiarism territory. If anyone is looking for something to keep themselves occupied for a while and if you need your perfect scores skills itch scratching, Zuma's Revenge on DSiWare will definitely soothe the pain.
  6. Aug 9, 2012
    As good as it's always been, this is really worth a look if you've never strayed into the delights of Zuma before, but veteran players need not apply.
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  1. Apr 18, 2012
    This game is the best I have been playing it for along time since I got it April 4,2012 and this game is fun until you get to level 54 and it is hard which I have not yet finished but it is fun and I will be posting another review when I have finished all of it but it's fun and challenging. Full Review »