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  1. Control is sometimes cumbersome, depending on the bot design. [Nov 2003, p.152]
  2. Doesn't improve upon Battlebots: Beyond the BattleBox in any meaningful way, and it's disturbing that Majesco is trying to pass off this collection of bug fixes as a brand-new game.
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  1. PenguinP.
    Apr 8, 2005
    Great game!!!
  2. Ld
    Jul 5, 2004
    I totally love this game, even tho it's short! i love the stylish Deep hosue and progressive house soundtracks in this game! the user interface design is also very stylish!! wow... well, all the arts and designs are so..... to me... House music / style isn't gay! if the ones whose controling the TV/bar culture in north America, many will love house! hahaha!! easy to control! and need to be controled! but oh well~ we need big organization! but well also need ones who oppose the big org. the one who can't accept the world!! err what the... haha oh yeah, the control of this game is a bit wierd but easy to get use to! not enhough tracks tho. but ha, i'm totally satisfied with the whole design!! Full Review »