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  • Summary: Take a stroll down memory lane with the classic side-scrolling game Castlevania. The game, which is part of the Classic NES Series on the Game Boy Advance, sets you off on a mission to undo the curse of the evil Count. Before you challenge the Count, you must first battle his army of ghosts, mummies, bats, and zombies. Use your magic whip and other weapons if you want to make it out of the castle alive. Expand
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  1. The play control is perfect, the enemy AI is well-tuned and the graphics are top-notch for the era. [Dec 2004, p.148]
  2. The character design in Castlevania brought way to a whole new viewpoint in video games. The level design is easily one of the best, bringing a deep sense of platforming to the action. After over 15 years, the game still has a unique look.
  3. 80
    Even with the limited save feature, Castlevania on the GBA is still a great retro throwback. It would have better fit as an unlockable in an original Castlevania, but as it stands it's the only official way you can have the original game in portable form. It's the best game of the second batch, by far.
  4. This is a well-produced port of an excellent game, and even though it probably would have been better served as part of a collection than as a stand-alone product, you could certainly find a number of worse ways to spend $20 for your GBA.
  5. Due to the enduring and challenging gameplay, Castlevania is certainly worthy of a purchase since it's doubtful an average gamer will complete it in a day or two.
  6. The 8-bit classic has aged gracefully, and while its graphics don't compare to the more modern Castlevania games, the gameplay is still very solid, and is something fans will definitely want to sink their teeth into.
  7. It's unfortunate that the simple gameplay hasn't held up well over the years, because most of the fun here is had through shear nostalgia (whipping candles, etc).

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  1. May 26, 2011
    Classic jump-and-whip action flies to the GBA with this NES port. Smooth control and great enemy-AI make this very fun to play on-the-go. If you missed the NES release, be sure to check this one out. Expand
  2. Feb 16, 2014
    I haven't played the GBA port, but assuming it's the same as the NES game, this game is great. Super Castlevania 4 was better, but this was the best Castlevania on the NES. The visuals are good, the controls are good and most importantly the gameplay is great. Expand

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