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  • Summary: Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. takes you back to the very first battle between Mario and Bowser. Now on the Game Boy Advance, you can relive all the mushroom-eating, Koopa-stomping action from the original game. Always strive for the high score while jumping on top of flag poles, pipes, and bricks. This time, two players can alternate play with a single Game Pak or with GBAs linked by a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. Expand
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  1. Super Mario Bros. was, is, and always will be a gaming masterpiece. Its oft imitated, yet rarely equaled combination of gameplay responsiveness, superb level design and visual flourish, combined with that special loving touch that only Miyamoto seems able to wield, makes it one of those rare games that seems to transcend time.
  2. Still infinitely playable and impeccably designed. [Aug 2004, p.61]
  3. It would make a great gift idea for anyone who has yet to experience this venerable classic.
  4. I highly suggest you pick up this game, even if you have it on the NES.
  5. Although the graphics are clearly from another era, the gameplay and play control are as solid and enjoyable as those of any recent platform adventure. [July 2004, p.121]
  6. 80
    Still a fantastic and amazingly fun design. But as a repackage, the Famicom Mini edition doesn't offer nearly as much as what was already given on the Game Boy Color.
  7. The classic platformer holds up pretty well after all this time, though some minor technical issues prevent this reissue from being as super as the original game.

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  1. Dec 30, 2012
    To say this is not the most important gam ever created would be foolish. Not only is it fun, but it single handedly revitalized the video game industry after the crash of 1983. Expand
  2. Oct 1, 2012
    Super Mario Bros was the first console game I've played as kid, there's not much to say,best game.
    I remember that there was duck haunt,
    bundled, and every time I sat close to the TV with the gun to win; i was such a cheater haha.. Expand
  3. Jan 17, 2014
    Super Mario Bros is one of fun games that i have played and a grate classic game for snes wii 3ds and more this game has brought joy to me and i wish that had grew up during the nes era
    the game would be cool if it had a save point were you don't have start over but besides that this is still a game to enjoy

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