Daredevil Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: New Yorkers begin to question their superhero's allegiance in a game based on the Daredevil movie. The Kingpin, the city's most notorious crime boss, has told the world that Daredevil is his hired gun--and now Daredevil must set the record straight in a deadly showdown. As Daredevil, you'll zip, swing, and dive from rooftops to sewers. When you're not knocking out villains with the billy club, you'll fight them using Daredevil's boxing and martial arts skills. Although Daredevil is blind, he can still see through walls using his radar-sense skills, explore the interactive world of Hell's Kitchen, and interact with a cast of Marvel characters. Expand
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  1. With abundant action tied into a good story, Daredevil has a larger appeal than most movie-licensed games. [Summer 2003, p.39]
  2. The game’s hit detection is horrendous, the boss fights are excruciatingly aggravating, and even without all its flaws, Daredevil would still only be a bland and repetitive platformer.
  3. The gameplay can become fairly stale after an hour or so. This isn’t a pick-up-and-play title either, because the password saves are much too long and complex.
  4. It simply does not capture the spirit of the Daredevil character and his universe.
  5. The upside is that various movie stills and comic art are unlockable secrets. Big whoop. [Mar 2003, p.72]
  6. A complete waste of time and money. In the two or three hours it takes to beat the game, there isn’t a single moment of true entertainment or thrill.
  7. It quickly devolves into an old-school side-scroller in which mashing one button constitutes hand-to-hand combat with Bullseye and Co. [7 Mar 2003, p.79]

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