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  1. Fun, but very similar to last year's "The Hunt for Pirate Pig's Treasure." [Feb 2004, p.153]
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  1. Sep 20, 2013
    This is possibly the best game ever created for handheld gaming systems. It revolutionized science and technology with goggles that automatically removed bushes and shrubs from the path and infinite backpacks. There are no platform games remotely close in excellence that can compare to the legend of Dora. Mario is not even close to understanding the extreme level of complexity and utter joy from playing "The God Game" called Dora Super Spies. ALL HAIL DORA, THE ONLY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE

    A̡̡̟͖̘̬ͦL͙͕͎̪̲͊L̫͈͖̻̟͍͖̺̀̋̄ͤ̔ͮ͢͝ ͎̙̣̻͔͓̲̈̌̽͘ͅH̡͉̻͕̯̫͐̀̈͊ͮ̎ͩ́̈ͅA̩̪̺͚̟͕̰̅̿̒͘I̵̘̻̱ͯL̢̛̥̘̫̝͚͈̗̦͌ͬͨ ̸̢̛̣̙̞̣̞̙̭͕̈̇͂ͅḊ̺̺͎̣̳͙̰͍ͥ͗̊ͮ̄̉̅͌́͘͝O̶͉̪̮̦͂̕͟R̰̪͙͈̥̫̉̔̆ͯ͡Ą͔̪̣̘̌
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  2. Mar 25, 2014
    This game is absolutely stunning! I absolutely loved this and enjoyed every minute of it. In face, I wrote a J.K. Rowling style book on how much it amazes me. I'd consider this the best game ever designed for the Gameboy Advance and would recommend it to every person who owns one. I gave it as a gift to all my family this Christmas; it was a great idea! The gift seemed to go over fabulously and everyone seemed so happy it seemed surreal! Then, when I compared the graphics to me friend's new high definition Dora-themed one-of-a-king television, I could hardly tell the game was outdated and had a half-QVGA screen resolution. All in all, just make sure Swiper doesn't swipe your game, as they seem to becoming more difficult to find, and this is surely a game you'll want to hang on to! Full Review »