Golden Sun Game Boy Advance

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  • Summary: In a dark time, an epic adventure begins as evil slowly envelops the world! The forces of darkness are pursuing the lost art of Alchemy, and as they draw ever closer to their foul purpose, mankind's future hangs in the balance. You and your companions are the last hope: armed with noble weapons, mysterious Psynergy and a host of elemental creatures, you must find a way to stem the evil tide. Your ordinary life is over, as a Golden Sun rises above you and forever broadens your horizon!

Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 29
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 29
  3. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. The beautiful quest is probably the richest, most intricate RPG ever to have hit a handheld. [Nov 2001, p.144]
  2. 100
    It's the best original (nonport) GBA RPG to date, sporting stellar graphics, above-average sound, and a worthwhile experience (at least 20 hours of gameplay) that should make that next family roadtrip that much more tolerable.
  3. 'brilliant', 'fantastic' and 'a breathtaking work of genius.'
  4. If you're one of those many people who continue to pine for a Square RPG on your favourite Nintendo handheld, then rejoice because your prayers have damn near been answered with this game.
  5. Gorgeous graphics, dazzling audio, a charming storyline and overall appealing game play -- and it all fits neatly inside your pocket!
  6. The crowning glory of Golden Sun lies in its stunning graphics. Great environments, characters, and especially fight scenes.
  7. Gameplay seldom strays from long-established RPG convention, but Golden Sun incorporates some of the best elements of classics such as the Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and even Legend of Zelda series, in its own distinct and unified style.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 72 out of 78
  2. Negative: 4 out of 78
  1. RaphaelR.
    Oct 11, 2003
    This game is so freaking awesome it is inexplainable so good....can't stop playing the summons are good final fantasy 7 & 8 and legend of legaia mixed together but it has a very good and unique gameplay. Expand
  2. Me
    Feb 13, 2003
    This game was awesome! The scenery and battles were beautifully designed. It had the perfect balance of every aspect. The characters ( especially Ivan ) were the best ever. I actually felt like I was a part of the adventure. Expand
  3. Keele
    Jan 7, 2010
    Michael, you're also an idiot. I've played such spectacular games and rpgs, such as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, most of the Final Fantasy games and many more. Even so, Golden Sun was/is brilliant. It's graphics, for it's time of release, are exceptional (I don't know what the hell you're going on about with ''CHEEZY''). It had a great captivating storyline. Good gameplay. Fun puzzles. Awesome tunes. I'm unsure that we've both played the same game, or that you've actually played the game at all. Expand
  4. RayC.
    Dec 28, 2004
    This game is one of the ultimate rpg's it has almost everything you desire in a rpg with a few exceptions like the battle where you have no choice but lose and the extreamly long cut scenes and talking. Expand
    Feb 16, 2008
    Its very rarely I would score a game 10 but if any game deserves it, Golden sun does. As has been said by many other people it is on of the best RPGs ever created, beautifully crafted excellence. I was completely bored with turned based rpgs for many years until I turned this little beauty on. Its a mixture of the puzzles of Zelda and the fighting of final fantasy. Its the little details that make it rise above the rest, the fact that you get random battles less in areas you've already traveled, or the huge combinations of djinn powers possible. Some of the puzzles are fiendish, but fair. The size and detail in the game is nothing short of incredible for a game on a gameboy (and im saying this in 2008 !). Nothing before matched it for sheer quality and nothing has matched it since (except of course, golden sun 2) Just buy this and number 2, and pray for Golden Sun 3 on DS. Expand
  6. Jan 25, 2014
    When I was around eight years old or so, my brother introduced me to the joy of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Although I was young, and, not completely understanding of the plot because I missed out on the first game, I fell in love. It has almost been ten years since then, me finally just in recent times able to experience my first playthrough of the original Golden Sun. And without a doubt, I can say I fell in love all over again.
    Let me start with the graphics and art choices. As an artist, I can say that I am completely blown away by the quality of the scenery that this game presented. I found myself looking forward to each new area that I visited; being thrown into a battle and getting to see the background scenery gives me a complete new feel on how to perceive where I am. The character designs are also fantastic, and very fitting to character. The art style is progressive and solid. Psynergy, summons, and special moves from artifacts are gorgeously rendered. (Though i'm sure we can all agree on the silliness that is the quake attacks). The music is nostalgic, soothing, but tense when the situation calls for it. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    As for the story, I am easily swept into it. Though sometimes I find myself laughing at little cliché moments sprinkled here and there, it takes nothing away from the entire plot. Sometimes I find that there are parts in which I would like a bit more elaborate detail, I also realize that I have not played the sequel in ages and am planning on going through it again very soon, and, even so, one must consider that this is a Gameboy game and cannot possibly have everything that a person would expect to be in more recent-day games because there was simply not enough space to contain such depth like there is now. Also, /too/ much description could become monotonous.
    The characters are lovable and close to heart. Something that I missed out in The Lost Age was Isaac and co's friendship. It's sweet and satisfying to see how they all work together for the common goal and how their bonds grow as you go on. The only thing I would find a bit lacking is a bit of Mia's backstory, as it seemed slightly rushed so that she could join your team. Other than that, I am very happy with what their differentiating personalities bring to the game.
    Finally, we have the battle system. It is lovely an non-stressful, with an assortment of attacks always keeping the fight interesting. Djinn also add a giant play to this, with the more you collect enhancing your skills and if you so wish you can even assort them so that your classes change, depending on your battle style. New introductions of monsters constantly keep you on your toes, you only feeling satisfied with yourself when the characters have gotten strong enough to take them out with not much difficulty. Battles are never easy nor too impossible to handle when you take the time to train correctly. You never have to grind for too long unless you're short on money, so you aren't ever too slowed up during the playthrough.
    All in all, Golden Sun is a definite recommendation for any RPG lovers. Exciting, close to the heart, and memorable, it will blow players away with the cohesive details that work so well together. You'll have difficult time forgetting a game like this one.
  7. Ryan
    Nov 26, 2003
    I'll give this game props for graphics, but other than that, it's pretty much just a cheap Pokemon knock-off. Don't waste your money!

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