Hardcore Pinball Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: Hardcore Pinball is a real diehard enthusiast's game. Four challenging tables, featuring realistic physics, are the heart of this outstanding simulation. Experience exciting themes of Soccer, RoboMech, Retro, and Station. The superbly animated flippers, bumpers, rails, kickers, spinners, and silver ball will quickly give the illusion of being in the arcade again. With outstanding music and sound effects, you'll want to find the token machine so you never have to quit playing. Expand
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  1. The ball reacts to the table and flippers exactly how you would expect. [Summer 2003, p.41]
  2. All that Hardcore Pinball is missing is some sort of gimmick to extend its replay value. It's easily the best pinball game available for the Game Boy Advance.
  3. Fans of straight-ahead pinball without video game frills will give hardcore Pinball a high score. [Apr 2003, p.137]
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  1. KarolyN.
    Aug 26, 2003
    I love this game, i've been playing computer pinball games since the atari 2600 pinball game and i fine this one to be very much like real pinball. one thing i did find is that you have to give this game a chance, you have toi figure out on your own which ramp to go up when and the different combinations and timing to hit tagets and that is what pinball is all about. this game should not be missed by any real pinball fan. Expand
  2. GordonK.
    Apr 2, 2003
    I'm an old fart, and this gameplay is too slow. The sloth-slow reaction of the flippers made me want to find something else to play. Too much ramp nonsense, and ball pots that reward you with nothing. Only the Soccer table made sense to me. After playing old pinball games like Pokemon Pinball, and the recent Advance offering of Pinball of the Dead -- I'll find myself playing those two far more often then I will find myself playing Hardcore Pinball. The flipper speed might keep from frustrating the young 'uns that never got to play a real pinball machine. Expand