Ice Nine Game Boy Advance

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  1. While Ice Nine is based on the "Duke Nukem Advance" engine, it doesn't offer the wit or intelligence (or shooting accuracy) of its precursor. [Apr 2004, p.110]
  2. Offering 10 weapons and gadgets, including night-vision goggles, the game is a strong entry in the growing library of GBA FPS titles. [July 2003, p.146]
  3. Being 3D isn't impressive for its own sake anymore. [Spring 2005, p.77]
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  1. XDCC
    Oct 3, 2005
    This game is bad. This game will give us duty. I don't play the game that includes duty. Do not buy this game or You will become lost feelings.
  2. SeriousDuke(GBAFPSexpert)
    Jul 7, 2004
    Ice Nine is the second best FPS for the GBA and the last released. Ice Nine re-uses the same Duke Nukem Advance engine that I love so much and which makes this game so good. The graphics in this game must be seen to be believed and are visually stunning. Ice Nine features 3 skill levels which give you bonuses after you complete each mode. An array of weapons is also given to you: a knife, pistol, sniper rifle, machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher, and a rocket launcher. The game starts out with your training and then throws you into the action of a major conspiracy. Ice Nine also features levels set in the daytime, evening, and night (night vision goggles come in handy here!). The game is fun and enjoyable from start to finish! A must-have! Full Review »
  3. JohnL.
    May 21, 2004
    Listen, this is the truth. This is the best game right now on the Game Boy Advance. Its graphics (which are amazing) beat Nightfire or Doom on the GBA. In most first-person shooters that are out now, have terrible grapics compared to this. I admit, the gameplay is a little slow, but trust me, this is better than most games. If a new first-person shooter comes out with good graphics, and better gameplay, my rating for this game will change from a 9 to a 5. Full Review »