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  • Summary: Think like Bond, act like Bond, and experience an entirely new Bond adventure. James Bond, the world's greatest secret agent, returns in Everything or Nothing with new guns and gadgets, combat skills, and clever tricks--and it's up to you to put them to good use. Travel through four exciting continents including the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and the French Quarter in New Orleans. The game also features two-player co-op missions and four-player multiplayer arena modes. Expand
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  1. If you like “sneaker” type thinking games, I am fairly certain that you would enjoy this game quite a bit.
  2. Blending action, stealth and driving elements, the game offers plenty of variety. Fortunately it's all well balanced.
  3. 80
    The "camera" is a little too close which makes the whole stealth thing a lot more difficult (and somewhat more clumsy) than it could have been, but it's still incredibly fun and enjoyable as it is.
  4. 71
    A brief yet satisfying action game that faithfully captures the look and feel of a typical James Bond movie.
  5. A short game that's fun while it lasts. Fans will appreciate the Brosnan and Dench-inspired character portraits. [Spring 2004, p.42]
  6. 70
    If the controls were a bit more comfortable, and the car battle mode wasn't so hard to control, it might have made the game a better experience overall, but still not near the magic of Rare's entry.
  7. 60
    Definitely scores a high Bond quotient, and it's a decent game in its own right. It's short and has a few problems with its driving sections, but it does throw in multiplayer options and a simple blackjack game for good measure.

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