March of the Penguins Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: The critically acclaimed story of love and survival in the world's harshest environment becomes a wondrously engaging handheld game! In the video game adaptation of the Oscar-winning film "March of the Penguins" you'll guide loveable Emperor Penguins on their incredible journey for survival, defying the elements, in the name of life and family. This magical "edutainment" quest is a delightful and challenging learning experience starring some of the most beloved animals on Earth...and featuring some of the most dangerous predators and environments ever encountered! Collapse
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  1. It's just too hard for its target audience, and the theme and storyline probably won't interest older players. A tutorial level is badly needed, too.
  2. 45
    There are some morsels of mildly amusing gameplay, but for the most part it is a long, tiring, frustrating process.
  3. Ironically, while this penguin-themed puzzle game seems geared toward younger players, it may be too challenging for the average kid.
  4. The ideas laid out in the Lemmings-style stages could be effective if they were designed better and held the players hand through the first chunk of the game, but as it is, Penguins will just leave gamers and arctic-bird lovers alike out in the cold.
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  1. ArnoldA.
    Mar 10, 2007
    Very unsophisticated with a very messed up gameplay. Very boring game. Kids might be so disappointed in this game so I think that it should be immediately taken off the shelf. Expand