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  1. On the cartridge are three accurate but bare-bones arcade ports that lack anything so much as a high-score save.
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  1. ChrisJ.
    Dec 3, 2006
    OK, bottom line here: it gets a 2, a "Bad" rating not for being old but for being BAD, especially in the case of Millipede: as soon as you get through the 1st round or so, then the speed and accuracy of the bugs that pop onto you near the bottom of the screen gets enormously stronger and it's just too much. The Breakout game is worthless since the ball is so tiny that it is all to easy to miss: badly balanced. The Lunar Lander game is extremely hard also because it requires almost perfect piloting of the ship... 'close' is NEVER good enough with this! If all old games are this hard, then anyone posting high scores in these games would be extremely talented and very angry by the time he finished. The games SHOULD have high replay value, but they unfortunately don't. It says they are actual arcade rather than Atari 2600 games, but they don't look or -especially- FEEL like arcade games. Maybe Lunar Lander is closer than the others, but none are anything to write home about, or even tell anyone you care for at all about. Some other reviews of this cart gave about 6 out of 10, which I find preposterous: it's a very poor game. Sorry, Atari, but it doesn't make the cut. I really am tempted to toss it into a landfill, but instead, I will trade it in for another used game somewhere.... I paid a whole $5.75 or so new for it, it didn't even give this much in value, so after 2 days, it has outlived its play life. Full Review »