Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma Game Boy Advance


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 16
  2. Negative: 8 out of 16
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  1. Game Informer
    For sneaky spy maneuvers, go to "Splinter Cell" for the same over-the-top fun and much better example of gadgetry, espionage, storytelling, control, and graphics. [Mar 2004, p.114]
  2. Nintendo Power
    Rough hit detection makes some interactions more frustrating than fun, and sifting through a long list of items slows the game's pace. [Mar 2004, p.123]
  3. A mild diversion rather than the full-blown, stealth, spy-thriller it could have been. At times I had fun, but most of the time I was turned off by the frustrating gameplay and slow pacing of the action.
  4. While there's definitely some enjoyment to be found in small doses, we spent far too long dying, restarting and trying again to have any real fun.
  5. AceGamez
    The frustrating and sluggish gameplay is only marred further by some completely uninspiring visuals.
  6. Even those looking for a tactical stealth action game should be wary, since this one is both frustrating to play and not very engaging.
  7. Don’t bother with this game; the developer didn’t seem to really try and neither should you.
  8. Pocket Games
    The main problem with this game is that it's too easy and repetitive. Enemy A.I. offers almost no resistance, aside from instances where they physically block a corridor. [Spring 2004, p.44]
  9. It would be cool to have a Splinter Cell or Metal Gear type game on the GBA, but Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma isn't it. Decline the mission and disavow any knowledge of this game's existence.
  10. 35
    A poor attempt to offer Metal Gear Solid-style gameplay on the GBA, what with its awful graphic style and incredibly repetitive music accommodating some rather uncreative, bland game design.
  11. 30
    Since the controls are so clunky, you'll be wobbling to align properly with the criminal in question; so while he's nailing you with bullets, your sole concern is landing one shot.
  12. It doesn't look good, the gameplay is awkward and frustrating, and it’s basically disappointing when you think of the great PS2 and Xbox counterparts.
  13. Cheat Code Central
    I would have had more fun gluing spray-painted macaroni to my ass than playing Mission Impossible: Operation Surma on the GBA.
  14. If you’re a fan of stealth gameplay, avoid Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma because it involves neither tactics nor stealth. Even if you are an avid Mission: Impossible fan, this game has little to do with the franchise other than its name.
  15. A complete failure in terms of presenting an enjoyable gaming experience. It does qualify as a "video activity", but using the word "game" would be giving this horrible release too much credit.
  16. 20
    An aggravating save system makes the game almost completely unsuitable for taking on the go, and popping Surma in your Game Boy only amplifies the game's audiovisual ugliness.

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