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  • Summary: Get ready for fast-paced racing action on your Game Boy Advance. Racing Gears Advance lets you choose from 12 officially licensed supercars from manufacturers including Dodge, Lotus, Chevy, Mitsubishi, and GM. You can equip your vehicle with upgrades that can help you maneuver through different track terrain and weather conditions. During races, you can pick up and use offensive and defensive weapons to eliminate the competition. Racing Gears Advance also features multiplayer modes supporting up to four players. Expand
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  1. For some the difficulty may be a little frustrating and later on in the game it seems a little fruitless to fork out on weapons, but it's balanced, clever and exciting, almost forcing you to have one more go.
  2. 90
    In a world where driving titles such as Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer rule, Racing Gears Advance stands out as a breath of fresh air; a driving game that is simply out to entertain the masses with an incredibly developed sense of excitement and panache.
  3. 89
    A fantastic, energetic racer with a ton of strategy in its design.
  4. A reminder that good things are still being done in 2D. [Spring 2005, p.74]
  5. Difficulty aside, I dug this game because a lot of the little touches: the shadows that fall on the track, the shortcuts, the elevation changes, and the way that every race and lap has some surprises in store. [March 2005, p.140]
  6. 80
    This game hit me with the authority of a mack truck. I did not expect it to be this captivating.
  7. Despite these crippling flaws, Racing Gears Advance has that rare quality of being addictive.

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