Sonic Advance 2 Game Boy Advance
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2003

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 100
    Sonic fans will be in heaven, as will anyone who enjoys a good healthy adrenaline rush.
  2. The graphics are just bliss: crazy parallax, glistening crystals, heat waves, blinking neon sparks, crazy animation - everything you love about 32-bit 2D (well almost; it's no Astal) is on display. [Apr 2003, p.66]
  3. 100
    The levels are huge now. While they were pretty big before, they were basically straight forward. Not anymore.
  4. A fast paced platforming action game. With the ability to play five playable characters and having different paths in each level, the ideal amount of replay value is added to the game.
  5. Hands down one of the most impressive looking games that I have seen on the GBA. The backgrounds are vibrant, colorful and full of life.
  6. 91
    This cart isn't about depth, it's all about flash and energy, and I mean that in a good way. [May 2003, p.40]
  7. It takes a tried, tested, and thoroughly flogged old genre and injects some more speed and ingenuity into it, and there's a heck of lot of replay value here, even if the game's levels can probably be beaten in a few hours.
  8. 90
    As good as the original Sonic Advance was, the sequel is a much better platformer.
  9. Sonic games have always been known for their speed, but in Sonic Advance 2, it's been exaggerated almost to a fault.
  10. A pocket adrenaline rush; it's the perfect complement to the more moderately paced Mario games already in your collection. [May 2003, p.136]
  11. The action comes fast n' furious as ever. [Summer 2003, p.48]
  12. The levels are larger and require more exploration than the typical Sonic game; the abilities of the five separate playable characters actually have an influence over the strategy you'll use to complete an area.
  13. May not present significant advances beyond his GBA debut, but it's a solid action title with great game play and lots of secrets. [Mar 2003, p.137]
  14. Slight negativity aside, Sonic Advance 2 represents Sonic at its best - fast, slick, looking great and offering yet more of those bonus features (now unlockable, however). Whilst technically there have been better Sonic games, none have managed to quite capture the frantic essence of speed and style like this does.
  15. People looking for a good side-scrolling game will enjoy it and Sonic fans everywhere will be delighted at another chance to return to the old-school roots that made Sonic so great back in the day.
  16. While this game is a great improvement from the last one, Sonic Advance 2 does run out of steam pretty quickly. You’ll feel as though you played this game before.
  17. Offers plenty of déjà vu for Sonic fans. That can be either good or bad depending on what you expect from the spiky-haired hedgehog.
  18. 79
    I was taken with it, I wanted to play it, I wanted to look at it. But it's sometimes frustrating and its boss battles are totally irritating.
  19. Lacking in serious challenge, Sonic 2 does feature decent level design, imaginative graphics, and impressive velocity. [May 2003, p.94]
  20. 70
    Digital déjà vu. Your brain knows that it’s a brand-new game…but you never quite shake the feeling that you’ve played it all before.
  21. Sonic is fast alright. Yet here's a game that openly discourages Sonic and his friends from fully embracing the thing that made the Sega's mascot so popular in the first place: raw, uncontrolled speed.
  22. There are no surprises in Sonic Advance 2... The lower your expectations, the more you'll enjoy this game.
  23. What it doesn't have is originality or depth, making this sequel more subsonic than supersonic.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 33 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. Nov 23, 2013
    After making the excellent Sonic Advance, how on Earth would they make Sonic Advance 2 better. Well, in almost every way. The music andAfter making the excellent Sonic Advance, how on Earth would they make Sonic Advance 2 better. Well, in almost every way. The music and sound quality is better. There's little animations before you start your zone that make the game feel more lively as well. With new tricks added to grinding, ramps, and bumpers, it adds a new layer of precision to objects that used to fling you around where you had no input while you were flying by.

    This game is better, stronger, and faster than the first Sonic Advance. It leads the game to feel more epic and thrilling, and the running boss fights are an excellent addition, but also quite challenging.

    Probably the only thing that has always bugged me was how difficult finding the special rings are. It's particularly difficult as you will likely fly past one without realizing, and you must make a certain path to each one. Some are intuitive to find, but others are so far off the beaten path. I've spent hours in a zone searching, and that's just not fun. Still, the extra boss is great and was worth the torment.

    Overall, this game builds upon the first and makes it much better. On the other hand, must won't see the whole game through because of how difficult finding those special rings are.
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  2. GaryR.
    Apr 24, 2003
    Great game. Better than the first Sonic Advance game. 2D Sonic rules!
  3. May 16, 2015
    Could be better than the first game. The game is what you expect from other Sonic games from the Genesis. This game introduces Cream theCould be better than the first game. The game is what you expect from other Sonic games from the Genesis. This game introduces Cream the Rabbit, who is one of my favorite Sonic characters. You rescue your friends as Sonic in one of the zones.

    This game can be hard in 4 directions. It bugs me on how the Special Rings counter doesn't even tell you what S Ring did you get. You'll probably get either the 3rd or 4th ring without even knowing that you missed the others ones. Assume that that there are 4 rings before the checkpoint, check every place find them. But, there is no coming back once you passed the rails, cannons, or large gaps where you'll be able to fly back. Try to remember where you can find those in an Act in each Zone that is easy for you.

    The Special Zones can put you at risk. make sure you get any ring, streak of rings or the 5 rings, you find to maximize your multiplier to get the Chaos Emeralds. When trying to run from the robot that is close to you, do a jump so you'll bounce ahead off the robot to accelerate.

    The most annoying part of the game is that when you pause an quit, you are not taken back to the level select, it takes you back to the main menu. You'll lose those extra lives. When trying to find the Special Rings, realizing you missed a few, it'll take about 6 seconds to go through the menu, select your character and get back to the main game. Sonic is the hardest because he doesn't have any flight moves.

    The bosses are quite the challenge unless have extra lives. Cream is your best character for this. She can throw her Chao, Cheese, into the bosses without getting hurt. This is why Cream is character that you will love as a character and a fighter.

    You can spend hours trying to find the Special Rings to get the Emeralds, and fighting Eggman. Tails, Knuckles, and Cream is who you can rely on in this game.
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