Generally favorable reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
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  1. 85
    A fantastic game that helps keep the GBA afloat as the next generation of handhelds takes off.
  2. 85
    That rare example of taking an already enjoyable game and directly addressing almost every issue with it. The game is prettier, funnier and easier to control than the first game. It's easy enough that anyone can get into it, although it might lack the depth to appeal to hardcore RPG fanatics.
  3. A month ago, I liked Summon Night as a single innovative game. Now, I like it as a quality series. It manages to do what so many other series neglect: Improve while not loosing identity.
  4. Nintendo Power
    Nonetheless, Atlus has delivered a quality RPG once again. [Dec. 2006, p.109]
  5. Where Swordcraft Story was a focused drive to a goal, Swordcraft Story 2 revels in the journey. What has not changed is an engaging storyline, enjoyable leveling and realtime combat strategy polished to the point of being able to be enjoyed by players at any level.
  6. Play Magazine
    Toss in improved graphics and audio, a much lengthier quest, and some additional aspects that I won't spoil for you, and you have another enjoyable RPG to lose many an hour with. [Nov. 2006, p.100]
  7. 86
    It's not a direct sequel in terms of story, and it's not a simple dungeon crawler either. Instead, it's a sort of wayward, roundabout RPG that gets the job done well. Personally, I still prefer the first game to this one, but objectively, Swordcraft Story 2 makes serious strides to improve on the first, and I cannot overlook that.

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#16 Most Discussed Game Boy Advance Game of 2006
#2 Most Shared Game Boy Advance Game of 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 6 Ratings

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  1. Aug 31, 2013
    A really great and surprisingly unknown to wide audience game (Game Boy Advance is old but for how good this game is i'd expect moreA really great and surprisingly unknown to wide audience game (Game Boy Advance is old but for how good this game is i'd expect more recognition). I found battle system in the series way more enjoyable that i thought it'd be. Graphics are great, done by people with some good sense of game art and are really pushing the capabilities of GBA; Compared to the first game graphics are even more polished and added character animations help bringing even more life into characters. One thing i especially like in the series is that choosing different summon not only changes the gameplay a bit and story but also gives a different feeling to the whole experience. Sword-crafting is well executed and helps differentiating it from other games even more. Sounds and music are not too shabby either. While it may not be the most original and blockbusting game it's definitely a very enjoyable and very strong tittle still bringing a lot of originality into the rpg field which isn't only a gimmick but well built mechanics, although i'd say that storytelling is really where the game excels at maybe not the story itself but the way it's told hence "storytelling" ).
    Objectively saying i'd give that game 8.5 but choosing between 8 and 9 i have to go with 9 because of personal bias and because of the platform it was released for. The first game i'd rate 8.2/8.3 but both titles are imho a must-play, especially if you're into jrpg
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