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  1. Feb 7, 2011
    this game is far more than a way to cash in on the tv show it's a highly enjoyable game, graphically it's pretty good, the sound is good, and the controls are great, this is a mixture of a puzzle game and a plat former and it pulls off both really well, you can use disguises to sneak past guards and throw pies, all while collecting vision pieces, it's story is good and offers a unique story not based on an episode of the show, it will take you to a unique level every time, from the school to a concert and more, this is a game i would highly recommend. Expand

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  1. This is yet another game tied to a popular kids show, and unfortunately it belongs to the vast majority of so-so products based on a famous license. Pass this one by.
  2. Atrocious for a couple of reasons. Raven can only jump half of her height, but this is probably a license-forced limitation, and it's clear that the game hasn't been tested solidly, as there are sound distortion glitches, as well as one unfortunate bug where the screen turned black but the sound kept playing.
  3. That's so Raven 2: Supernatural Style doesn't fair as well unfortunately although it is more of an arcade style experience.