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  1. Positive: 29 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. 97
    Four Swords is Nintendo's way of giving gamers something completely new and different in the Zelda environment, and it's one heck of a good time in each play through.
  2. A great handheld port of one of the greatest games ever released for Nintendo's 16-bit system.
  3. But the most amazing feature is that an entirely new game has been added. It's a multi-player game that is worth the price of admission alone. It's more than Gauntlet and it's not just another Deathmatch, it's a stand-alone game that makes this one of the best GBA buys in history.
  4. This title is the definition of perfect pacing. [Jan 2003, p.121]
  5. 94
    By coupling one of the memorable SNES games ever released with an incredibly novel and addictive multiplayer mode, this version of A Link to the Past is an extraordinary game with awesome replay value.
  6. 100
    An indispensable game, combining arguably the finest RPG/adventure the 16-bit era ever produced (even compared to the likes of Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI) with an expertly realised multiplayer rendition of Zelda.
  7. 100
    A thoughtful, huge, rewarding classic.
  8. 100
    A long, challenging quest that holds up well to repeated play. Younger players who never had a SNES will find this game an excellent warm-up for the soon-to-be-released "Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker" for the GameCube.
  9. A Link to the Past is one of the best SNES games ever made, and it's found a new home on GBA, losing absolutely nothing in the translation. [Dec 2002, p.93]
  10. "Four Swords" is the most fun I've ever had with a four-player GBA game. [Jan 2003, p.212]
  11. A classic no matter the platform.
  12. Incredible level design. [Dec 2002, p.222]
  13. From finding all the unique items to helping a boy stuck between the worlds to rescuing all the maidens to finding out who is behind everything, the game has tons of adventure to spare. This is simply one of the must-haves for the GBA.
  14. A flawless masterpiece, Link to the Past drastically improved upon its predecessors by introducing a more linear framework for the player to explore (rather than the vast open-endedness of the two previous games), a better interface and controls, and dungeon puzzles and layouts designed in such a manner that can only be called perfect.
  15. To the untrained eye, the Link To The Past cartridge may well appear to be nothing more than another videogame for kids and others who refuse to grow out of childhood. However, it is much more than that, being as worthy a narrative as many popular books out there can be.
  16. Although A Link to the Past represents some of the most fabulous game designs you're ever likely to see, it also suffers from some criminally unforgiving sections that today's gamer-on-the-go is likely to scoff at. Not quite the vision of perfection that it once seemed to be.
  17. This new type of multiplayer is worth the purchase of the game itself but the only down fall is trying to find another player (or three) that owns a copy of the game.
  18. A huge 30 hours-plus adventure but it never feels intimidatingly big. Whether you're a games novice or geriatric you'll be able to play it. [NGC]
  19. 74
    The control of the game is where this really shines.
  20. Not having to dig out the SNES and clean out the cartridge port is nice enough, but to play this classic game on the bus? Pure Nirvana. [Feb 2003, p.74]
  21. A must-have title that, if nothing else, represents the missing "link" of Nintendo classics destined to appear on the color handheld.
  22. While Mario has aged well, A Link to the Past feels a little old. Unlike other GBA ports, the game definitely shows its age graphically, especially when compared to Four Swords.
  23. 96
    There are certain games that come along, a few very generation, and they are the pinnacle of a genre, or an ideal. Such is A Link to the Past. The game is as close to flawless as is humanly possible.
  24. "Four Swords" is the perfect multiplayer Zelda game. It combines amazing cooperative gameplay with competitive gameplay at the same time. The end result is a multiplayer game like no other.
  25. 100
    The puzzles are still clever, the dungeons are still brilliantly laid out, the control is spot-on, and the graphics still look sweet. [Jan 2003, p.64]
  26. So much fun that you'll play 'til the batteries run out. You simply cannot miss this game. [Spring 2003, p.28]
  27. This is a great opportunity for old schoolers to enjoy some excellent nostalgia (while kicking friends around in Four Swords) and new schoolers to partake in one of the greatest adventures of all time (er, while kicking friends around in Four Swords).
  28. While Zelda Advance is really two games on one cartridge, each is brilliant and very solid in its own right.
  29. Four Swords is the perfect multiplayer Zelda game. It combines amazing cooperative gameplay with competitive gameplay at the same time. The end result is a multiplayer game like no other. You’ll be up with your friends late into the night trying to save the Princess in this four-player frenzy.
  30. The adventure is long, involving, challenging and presented to perfection with beautiful graphics and a stunning soundtrack.
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Universal acclaim- based on 204 Ratings

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  1. Jan 4, 2011
    Here's my Top 50 games of all time: The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Super Metroid The Legend of Zelda Metroid Prime (Trilogy)
    Resident Evil 4
    Tetris DS
    Words with Friends (Scrabble)
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Mike Tysonâ
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  2. Aug 17, 2014
    This game is awesome. It was a big step, back in the day when it came out on SNES in 1991. This Zelda game cared about the story. The only bad reason is this game is a little bit short. There may be a lot of dungeons but dungeons were easy. Anyways, this game is full of fun and memories and I love it! Full Review »
  3. Jul 1, 2014
    THIS....IS.....THE.....BEST......ZELDA....GAME......EVER! Yes it is. ... it really is. Every Zelda game since this came out is based on it. Yes in Ocarina you can ride a horse, yes in twilight princess you can change into a wolf but essentially with all of those you're playing this game with better graphics.

    The graphics on this when it came out on the snes were superb, they've aged very well as has the gameplay as has the musc.

    If you like Zelda and haven't played this, PLAY IT.

    If you have played this before PLAY IT AGAIN

    If you've never played any Zelda game PLAY THIS ONE.

    Very few games deserve a score of 10 in fact I could count on the fingers of one hand those that do. This is one of them.
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