The Revenge of Shinobi Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: Set in the mythical world of ancient Japan, players take on the role of ninja warrior Shinobi. To free the world from the curse of Goaku, Shinobi must recover 5 elemental swords and defeat the Shoguns who wield them. It will take stealth, strength, and the mastery of the mystic arts for Shinobi to battle his way through the 5 lands. Expand
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  1. The excellent presentation and style is marred by the sixteen character password system and occasional level design flaws.
  2. There's a really good game here trying to get out, unfortunately, the lightning wasn't captured in a bottle this time - it struck square on the head.
  3. The game's play control and animation are a little rough, but overall, it provides lots of action and thrills. [Jan 2003, p.174]
  4. 50
    The graphics are generic, but the audio presentation is quite nice. The GBA has a large library of average side-scrolling action games, and Revenge of Shinobi is just a slight notch above them.
  5. Even diehard Shinobi fans won’t derive a great deal of entertainment from this one. It hurts to say it, but Shinobi truly has fallen from grace.
  6. Doesn't possess anywhere near the level of polish or charm of its Genesis namesake.
  7. The game quickly becomes boring and has you wishing you were doing something else.

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