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  • Summary: After the death of Memnon, the evil Menthu has risen to power determined to lead his legions of warriors and destroy Egypt once and for all. As the Scorpion King, you must journey through ancient deserts overpowering everything in your patch to find the Sword of Osiris and unleash its powers on Menthu. Collapse
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  1. Even though this game this game can be beaten in a short time period, do not let this stop you from purchasing the game. It has well designed levels, tight controls, and a great theme to play.
  2. 82
    Fans of the film, disciples of The Rock, and old-timers who enjoy a good 2D action / platformer should all investigate The Scorpion King.
  3. 80
    The game's slow progression of introducing game ideas as well as a good variety of enemies keeps things interesting in The Scorpion King.
  4. 75
    Our primary gripe against the game, however, is the length: veteran gamers will be able to beat it in a matter of hours. [June 2002, p.88]
  5. Royally difficult. [Apr 2002, p.152]
  6. The levels have too few checkpoints - die mid-way through, and you'll usually go all the way bck to the beginning. [Winter 2002, p.46]
  7. Doomed to be as bland as the Rock's acting. [June 2002, p.87]

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