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  1. While there are no glaring problems or errors in this game, neither is there much fun, which is the point of gaming, after all. Best for die-hard SpongeBob fans.
  2. Generally one of the most simplistic platformers you may encounter. Even though Patrick and SpongeBob go through each level attached at the hip, they may as well be only one person. Or... sea creature.
  3. The paths branch, giving you the freedom to explore, but some areas are more difficult to reach than they should be, making the platforming tricky at times. [Dec 2004, p.154]
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  1. Nov 12, 2011
    You will find it simplistic as a platformer but it does have some fun gameplay. I don't find any problems in this game. It doesn't have any reason not to like it, but no real reason to love it. Full Review »