Tron 2.0: Killer App Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: Take on the role of digital warriors Tron and Mercury as you battle against The Corruptor, an evil computer program attempting to create the ultimate virus and take over the system. In more than 30 intense levels featuring multiple types of gameplay, you'll engage in third-person isometric action, first-person vehicle combat, and light cycle racing. You can battle against three of your friends in multiplayer Light Cycle, Tank, and Recognizer modes. Collect and trade 100 upgrade chips that allow you to customize your character, unlock secrets, and more. Expand
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  1. 86
    With good graphics, excellent voice acting, and well-designed and varied gameplay, Tron 2.0 Killer App is a title that any GBA owner should enjoy.
  2. 80
    As a bonus (although some would see this as a reason to buy the game), TRON 2.0 also includes the full versions of both the original "TRON" arcade game and the "Discs of TRON" arcade game. Control in both is spot on, with "Discs of TRON" using the shoulder buttons for targeting.
  3. A good game, but not terribly original in terms of gameplay. The real value of this cartridge comes in the inclusion of the two Tron arcade games, meaning that old-school gamers and fans of the film should check it out if only for that.
  4. Several things work as they should, but much of the game is chock full of frustration, and the whole thing ends up feeling like a string of tired minigames. [Nov 2004, p.170]
  5. It's rare that a game's bonus features are more compelling than its main play mode, but that's definitely the case with the GBA version of Tron 2.0: Killer App.
  6. 58
    Until game companies stop using the GBA as their platform for "rough draft" games like this, stop buying them. Don't waste your cash on what amounts to a bad version coasting on the success of another, much higher quality game.
  7. 45
    It's more flattering to look at Killer App as another handheld arcade collection with a great upgraded multiplayer version of Light Cycles and a simply bad adventure game thrown in as a bonus.

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