WarioWare: Twisted! Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: After accidentally discovering spin technology, Wario reassembles the developers at WarioWare, Inc. to make a new set of wild minigames. WarioWare: Twisted! maintains the fast-paced style of gameplay from the original WarioWare and introduces a new gyro sensor that lets you control the gameplay by rotating the Game Boy Advance SP left and right. The new controls play into more than 200 minigames. Play through them all to unlock souvenirs, such as bonus games, figurines, and instruments. Expand
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  1. Despite this being the fourth UK instalment and despite the core concept being one of the simplest things since Tetris, Wario Ware Twisted feels utterly unique. [NGC Pocket]
  2. Tops the original in terms of intuitive gameplay, graphics and sound... but the basic formula hasn't changed a bit. Which is good, it probably doesn't need to be changed.
  3. Its fun and quirky nature will pull you in and won't let you go until you're done with the game, and even then you'll come back for more.
  4. The idea may be twisted, but the execution is purely logical fun.
  5. A must own title for your Game Boy Advance. It's the perfect traveling game even though the story mode is over quickly.
  6. Twisted literally and figuratively - this one's weird and wonderful. [July 2005, p.101]
  7. Ultimately, the game is unique, imaginative, accessible and thoroughly refreshing... and perhaps the last commercial gasp for the ailing GBA; however it's no better or worse than its predecessors - it's just WarioWare... with a twist!

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  1. Dec 17, 2010
    WarioWare: Twisted! is a classic WarioWare game with an amazing feature. The gyro sensor made the game play feel advanced and new. Spinning my Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP for movement was a fresh idea that totally got pulled off by Nintendo. WarioWare: Twisted is still today a special game considering Nintendo hasn't made a handheld console with a gyro sensor. It truly is an alien game that is highly replayable. Expand

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