X2: Wolverine's Revenge Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: X-Men's most dangerous weapon is out for vengeance. In X2 Wolverine's Revenge, you play as Wolverine as he rushes to find the antidote to a virus that was implanted into his body. Unsheathe your razor-sharp claws, unleash lethal combo attacks, and use accelerated healing powers as you tear into intense action and stealth scenarios. Face off with Sabretooth, Wendigo, Juggernaut, and Magneto, while Professor X and Beast help you search for a cure. As Wolverine, you can become the ultimate fighting machine. Expand
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  1. With gorgeous visuals and tight controls, gamers and fans will enjoy taking Wolverine through familiar surrounding and interacting with plenty of Marvel characters throughout the game.
  2. 79
    A really solid, well-designed action game that builds some great ideas around Wolverine's unique superhuman abilities. The game isn't super long or deep, but it's definitely a fun romp all the way through.
  3. Unsheathe your claws and tear through eight levels of fast-paced action in Wolverine's first GBA adventure. [May 2003, p.140]
  4. I love the way Vicarious Visions does this beginning level as a training level to get you used to the gameplay a bit and then each level progresses slowly with more difficulty.
  5. A competent, challenging platformer that fans of the character will get the most out of, thanks to Wolverine's coolness. [Summer 2003, p.37]
  6. It’s not a bad attempt but it certainly does not come close to the enjoyment of the other versions.
  7. A by-the-numbers side-scrolling action game with linear levels, repetitive enemies, and boring combat.

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  1. TalonD.
    Sep 14, 2003
    Any x-men game is great. espically if it has to do with wolverine.