Yoshi Topsy-Turvy Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: Get ready for a unique game experience that challenges you to tilt Yoshi through topsy-turvy worlds. By tilting the Game Boy Advance SP, you'll turn the environment around Yoshi to knock over enemies, swing pendulums, and help him run up walls and leap pits. Yoshi's Island is trapped in a storybook, and only by meeting the challenges of each chapter will you succeed. Expand
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  1. The game is short, but the last chapter can be pretty challenging and the main boss fight is a serious pain in the, uhh, wrist.
  2. 80
    While it's pretty easy to do the minimum required to pass each checkpoint, getting special items will demand a flexible imagination that stretches far beyond simple 2D. [Sept 2005, p.81]
  3. There is truly no game experience like Yoshi: Topsy Turvy, and this puts it in a unique place. For what it is, Yoshi's latest adventure is a success, but one could only imagine what a great game this could have been.
  4. It feels incredibly hard to master, and at times the levels just come across as a little bit too overwhelming.
  5. Everything about the game feels like it needs just a little bit more polish, especially the tilt sensor. What could be a very innovative and fun mechanic to add to a platforming game ultimately falls short of its goal and only manages to hamper the gameplay.
  6. Unlike most Nintendo-published titles, the game really feels like it lacked direction, and as a result the game is more annoying than fun. If you're a diehard for Yoshi platformers, you'll enjoy the game on some.
  7. This is a rushed job and one of Nintedo's worst in several years. Are these games filled with broken tilt mechanisms? You decide.

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