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  • Summary: In Zapper, you play a small creature that embarks on a great quest. Zapper is a cricket in search of brother Zipper, who was kidnapped by the evil Maggie the Magpie. Through 18 twisted levels, you'll evade bizarre enemies and deadly hazards using your electrified antennae and springy reflexes. Zap your foes, explore your surroundings, and find and destroy eggs before they hatch. Zapper's intense action continues as you unlock hidden areas, bonus levels, and play multiplayer games. Expand
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  1. This is just a clone, but one that is done well-enough.
  2. The new additions to the "Frogger" gameplay actually end up hurting Zapper rather than helping it.
  3. 65
    The multiplayer support is what's the real winner here, giving the game something original to share with other GBA owners without the need for extra copies.
  4. The multiplayer game is the only place where the game shines with its ability to play on four GBA’s with the link cable with a single cartridge. With deathmatch and a couple other fun games, the multiplayer game has some fun left in it.
  5. Nothing special, and unless you really want to try out the arcade mode and multiplayer mode, you should stay out of the way of this one.
  6. Aside from the unique zapping power of the cricket's antenna, there is little to distinguish this game from "Frogger" with the exception that it's not as good.
  7. "Enemies" in this game have absolutely no AI and merely circle a pre-destined path, and you merely are required to avoid them. That’s it. I suppose this is a good thing because actually controlling Zapper is akin to Sisyphus attempting to roll that boulder up the mountain in Hades.
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  1. JamesH.
    Jul 1, 2003
    0 doesn't even do justice as a rating, this game is truly terrible.